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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Desperate Measures Release


Raine’s caught in an impossible situation. She needs to get to another planet to help her friend. Forced to take a temporary position on a Feiral trade ship, she’s surrounded by trouble and shifters determined to build a clan. She has secrets to keep, but the gorgeous captain could be a problem. She has to distract him—and a few nights of hot sex might work.

Connal knows Raine is more than she appears. He looks forward to peeling away the layers of her deception as much as stripping the clothes from her beautiful body. The hunger between them deepens even as he struggles to get past her defenses before she leaves his ship.

When they’re thrown together again, Raine’s faced with a choice. Walk away from Connal and choose the life she knows, or take a chance and grab the passion and love that waits.

Available for purchase from Ellora's Cave today!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lisia's Journey Releases!

Lisia's Journey

I'm so excited! Lisia's Journey Releases today!

Want to see how Lisia and Jarritt first meet? It's certainly memorable, but can you imagine what they might say if someone later asks them how they met?

Lisia's eyes kept straying to the trees around them. The deep greens and vivid colors of the flowers and berries drew her. Even the sounds of the animals chittering and chirping made her want to go explore. She doubted she could slip into the forest without being spotted, but she wanted to do it. Knowing that she'd be here for even a short time didn't make the urge any easier to handle. Her eyes lingered on bushes and trees. She thought she spotted a faint path leading into the forest.

The dense forest on each side of the path called to her beast. Just the sharp crisp smell of the trees and the sweet scent of the flowers lured her toward the cool darkness. Her skin itched and tingled and she had a hard time resisting the desire to investigate. She wanted to go run through those trees, tear off her clothes and let the wind move over her skin. It had been so long since she'd run in her animal form or even walked in such a lush area. The temptation was almost too much to resist.

The hair on the back of her neck rose and uneasy feeling crawled up her spine. The feeling tore her thoughts away from the forest. Someone was watching her. She rolled her shoulders, unconsciously trying to lift the almost physical weight of someone's stare. Cautiously, she looked around the group of people, but couldn't see anyone even looking at her much less focusing on her with the intensity she felt.

Something moving across a faint gap in the bushes caught her eyes. The big dark feline shape continued moving. She saw it walk past a tree just in front of the first Aridi males. A big black Aridi in animal form stepped out in front of the group. A ruff of black hair surrounded the large round head, designating it as a male in the prime of his life. Dark brown eyes looked over the group, locking onto her.

The big male stalked forward powerful muscles moving beneath the sleek dark coat. He growled as he moved forward, snarling at one of the UDA soldiers who just happened to be in his way. His lips pulled back revealing dagger sharp teeth. The soldier hastily backed away.

Lisia frowned. She could feel his arousal and a strong wave of possessiveness pulsing over her. A strong clear feeling. Not the light brush of emotion an Aridi usually felt from another person. His scent hit her, musky with a spicy undertone and too appealing. Who was he? She was sure she hadn't met him anywhere. She'd have remembered feeling this connection with someone.

He came closer until his muzzle pressed into her leg. He drew in a deep breath and rumbling purr rolled through his body. Lisia practically felt the jolt of arousal slam through him. His head moved and pressed against her crotch. Her mouth dropped open in shock. At first, she just stared down at him. Shaking her head, she pushed away the last of the surprise. She grabbed handfuls of the rough black hair on the sides of his head and held him. Stepping back, she looked down into the large rounded face.

"Get your face out of there. I don't know you." She frowned down at him, keeping her arms straight.

"For future reference, the Shi'an's name is Jarritt E'sain," Arik advised. "I'd say he wants to know you."

"This is the Shi'an?" She glanced over at the man, but didn't loosen her fingers from the thick mane she was holding.

The big Aridi was still trying to get close to her. Fortunately, he wasn't using all of his strength. She knew he was letting her put some distance between them, but she was simply happy for the space. The combination of his emotions hitting her and her embarrassment over the position was a little overwhelming. That wasn't a common greeting even among an exclusively Aridi group. She ran her eyes over the large animal. Just judging from his size and build in animal form he had to be tall and well muscled.

"Yes. Now do you have something to tell us?" Arik's voice sounded annoyingly cheerful.

She took a deep breath and then licked her lips. The situation had just exploded in her face and she couldn't think of a way out of it. She didn't know if it could get any worse. If it could, she didn't want to know about it. There was no denying the truth now. Not after big and furry had gotten personal.

Friday, June 04, 2010

New release and teaser sexy excerpt below

Chosen Destiny releases today! To celebrate I wanted to post a teaser excerpt, but warning this is a bit sexy and does contain explicit language. I've been looking forward to the release for over a month! And now without further ado, the gorgeous cover and below the excerpt.

Chosen Destiny
Chosen Destiny
m/m/f menage, fantasy
Available June 4 from Ellora's Cave


Meagan’s village is under attack and she’s been accused of being a spy. She has no choice but to try to take up the weapons of her ancestors, because she refuses to let her home fall to the Dark Sorcerer. Dealing with the two gorgeous men who come to aid her in the fight is another matter.

Samiel and Jaeson came to fight the Dark Sorcerer, but finding the woman whose magic matched theirs surprises them as does her reaction. She’s so focused on the battle that she barely seems to notice them. With kisses and sensual caresses, they turn her attention to the desire building between them.

Meagan’s tempted by their seductive touch, but defining her place in their life is difficult and time’s running out. The Dark Sorcerer has to be stopped before Meagan can discover if what the men offer is forever or a moment in time.

Chosen Destiny, a little unedited sexy preview

"Now that we've both relaxed a bit, we can talk. As for your comment about finding out that my scent's not a drug, I'll make sure you have ample opportunity. Were there any questions you have now that you didn't earlier today?" He sat on the bed.

Meagan watched him. He looked a lot more comfortable than she felt in the hard straight-backed wooden chair. The green blanket set off Jaeson's dark clothes. She just didn't believe he was as relaxed as he seemed to be. He hadn't suddenly come to the decision to give her all the time she needed. The man wanted her. She could see it in the way he watched her.

His entire attitude was that of a man on the hunt. She'd have to watch him and make sure she didn't let things get out of control. She was more than tempted to relax and let the attraction take the lead, but knew that he wouldn't consider it just sex. She wasn't willing to think about anything more. Two mates. Just thinking about it made her nervous. The thought was great as a fantasy, but the reality came with a lot of questions. And she knew only time and being close to them would give her the answers.

"Your questions or are you just going to stare at me for the night." He grinned and she could see the humor in his eyes.

Meagan felt the heat rush into her cheeks. She hadn't realized how much time had passed. Rising from her chair, she began to pace a bit. "I know that you two were telling me the truth earlier about a Tiria having two mates. I'm still not sure it's necessary and I can't see much to recommend it aside from having someone always near to help with the power levels."

"Was there a question in there that I missed?" Jaeson's tone was openly provoking.

She glared at him. He didn't seem at all worried about staying on her good side. She'd have loved to put him in his place but couldn't think of a way just yet. Walking around the bed, she tried to put her thoughts in order. The chaos in her mind was making her restless. She stopped when he was directly opposite her. He moved to the end of the bed so he could turn to see her without bringing his boots onto it

"You and Samiel how will it work? Won't someone get jealous? I'm not agreeing to anything. It's just something I wondered about." She titled her head and bit her lip. That was only one question of many.

"Samiel and I will each want time alone with you at times, that's natural just as we'll make time to be with each other. We might feel envy, want to be part of it because we know just how good it feels, but no real jealousy, because we all belong to each other." Jaeson smiled, his voice turning a little husky.

She gaped at him. They'd want to be with each other. She hadn't even thought about them having anything other than a friendly relationship with each other. She felt utterly stupid for a moment, but that feeling was pushed aside as her mind began supplying her with details. An image of the two men in each other's arms kissing flashed through her head. It was disconcerting and arousing at the same time. She hadn't even though that they might be lovers. She might just be the one who would be jealous. She'd never even thought about sharing a lover.

"You didn't realize that Samiel and I were lovers did you?" He smiled obviously enjoying her surprise.

"No, I didn't know. There wasn't anything about the relationship in the books. As far as I know, you two could have just met." She shrugged.

"We've been together for years." He brought his knee up and rested the ankle on his thigh. He was utterly relaxed and at ease.

"If we have sex, are you going to immediately assume that we're mated?" She sat on the bed across from him, one leg tucked under her.

"We are mates. Having sex or not having sex isn't going to make it any more or less true." He angled his body a bit more so that he was fully facing her.

She shook her head. That really wasn't what she'd meant. She had been thinking more about his attitude than his philosophy. Apparently, she was going to have to ask in another way if she wanted an answer.

"Are you going to be all possessive and expect to act like my mate if we have sex?" She sighed. "I'm not just going to jump into something permanent. To me, having sex will just be sex. Is it going to be more to you?"

"I'll undoubtedly be possessive. So much that you'll object to it? I don't know. You are my mate. I'm not going to pretend that you're a woman for only a night." His intent golden stare didn't waver from hers.

She didn't have any doubts that he was absolutely serious. She couldn't change his attitude, not even dent it. Running her fingers through her hair, she exhaled slowly. She suspected that even if they didn't have sex, he'd be possessive. So she'd have to deal with his attitude regardless.

"Have we dealt with all of your questions?" He raised an eyebrow and looked significantly at the bed.

"You may consider me your mate but I don't consider myself bound in anyway." She clenched a bit of the blanket in her hand. "I don't have any other questions at the moment, but there will probably be more later."

"Good. Then come over here. I wanted to kiss you when I walked into the library." He held out his hand.

She smiled. The man had a one track mind. She had to admit that she'd been thinking about having sex with him too. Her questions had managed to distract her a little. She still had doubts about having sex with him, but it wasn't going to stop her. She was going to take the chance. It would probably complicate things, but she knew the desire building between them wasn't going to disappear. It was too strong. She was enough of a realist to know that it was going to happen. Samiel and Jaeson wouldn't just ignore the attraction between them. She wanted to make the choice, not have it made for her. Also, she had to find out if the pull between them was entirely physical or some sort of binding spell wrought by the blades to keep them together.

She stood and walked around the bed and took his hand. He tugged her into his lap. The move caught her by surprise and she lost her balance. She braced her hands on his shoulders as she fell. He caught her and settled her across his thighs. She looked up and found his beautiful eyes locked with hers.

"As much as I would love to take this opportunity and make love with you, I don't want you to regret it." He drew his hand down her back. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I've made my choice. I want you. I suspect you knew before I was ready to admit it. I'm ready to have sex with you. I'm not ready to even talk about anything permanent. This is my home. I'm needed here." She lifted her chin. No matter what they thought, she would have a say in this.

He frowned. "You can't think that you can just walk away from us after this battle is finished. You belong with us."

"I'm not going to talk about that right now. We'll deal with it later. Now do you want me or should I go back to my research?" She pushed against his chest putting just a little distance between them.

"You're not going back to your research." His hands tightened on her hips. "Not tonight."

Her hands stroked over his chest to his shoulders relaxing against him. His scent swirled around her. It seemed to intensify with every breath she took. Her need rose to an even higher level. He leaned down and his lips brushed over her cheek. She turned her head and met his lips. Her mouth opened beneath his. She licked at his lips when he did nothing more than brush his mouth from side to side. He laughed softly. His tongue stoked into her mouth. She relaxed against him and let the hot sensation sweep through her, but she wasn't passive. Her tongue tangled with his. She wanted to draw him as deep into the kiss as she was. His groan and the tightening of his arms only spurred her to do more.

She hooked an arm around his neck running her fingers through his hair. The feel of it amazed her. It was so soft and she loved running her fingers through it. She couldn't help wondering what it would feel like running over her body as they made love. His hand slid down her back and under her shirt. She drew in a gasping breath. His hand was so warm and she wanted to feel more. She pushed back into his touch.

"I want to see you naked. Let's get you out of these clothes." He drew back and looked down at her shirt.

"Only if we get rid of your clothes too. I'm sure you'd be much more comfortable without them." Her eyes trailed down his chest and stopped at the close fitting pants. She traced her hand down his chest and to the hard ridge of flesh below his waist. She wanted to touch and explore just as much as he said he did.

He froze as her fingers slid up and down over his cock. His breath sounded raspy as he drew in a quick breath. She loved the quick intense reaction to her touch. Only the fabric of his pants separated her fingers from his cock. She wanted that barrier gone.

Her fingers moved up seeking buttons or laces. She found laces that fastened his pants, but the ends seemed to be knotted. She frowned as she looked down at the jumbled mess. It looked like it would be impossible to untie. How did he get out of them? His hands covered hers, pulling her fingers away from his pants.

For more excerpts, go to my website

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Release Day!

For In Sorcery's Hold! I'm so excited! Available from EC today! Click here to go to the EC site.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Release day!!!

If you heard a squee ringing around the internets, that was probably me.
Between Two Tiron Large
Between Two Tiron released today!


The insistent buzz of her communications alarm woke Lina from a light sleep. She rolled over on the bunk and swiveled a nearby monitor around so that she could see the readout. The ID signal showed a familiar origin at Central Command, an agency that had intergalactic jurisdiction in hate crimes, terrorism, and many other areas.So much for the vacation, Lina thought as she opened the com-link and with a groan rolled to her feet, stretching and yawning.

The smooth, silver-gray floor was cold beneath her bare feet and above her hands, the textured gray ceiling hid storage space. Her ship was roomy and the communications camera would follow her wherever she moved inside of it.

“Cadian here, are you just checking up on me, Callie or is there a reason for this?”

Dark haired and slender, the image of Callie Meuru grinned at her from a cushy office in Central Command’s headquarters. “There’s a reason, but it shouldn’t interrupt your vacation too much.”

Lina rolled her eyes as she walked forward to the pilot’s seat. Idly, she checked the readouts on the advanced instruments on the gray panels in front of her. She would believe that when it happened. The last time Callie had said something like that Lina had been stranded for two months, playing nursemaid and guardian to six scientists at an isolated base until Command personnel could get there.

Lina wasn’t an agent for Central Command, just someone they found useful at times. Although she was a shifter, she had no qualms about working for them. They paid well and when she had first started taking assignments from them, she had badly needed that money.

“What is it this time?” Lina settled back into the well-padded, black, pilot’s seat waiting for the worst. If it was just a normal mission, they would have sent one of their own agents on it. She got the assignments where they didn’t want to be directly connected to the mission or the ones that required a shifter touch.

“A woman on a planet known as Nariu Minor, a large world in Shifter protected space, has gone missing. She was there with a group of researchers studying the ruins on the planet.” Callie paused and thought for a moment.

“Why do you need me for a disappearance?” Lina narrowed her eyes. She knew there was more to this than just a mere missing person report. “One of the Shifter patrols will take care of it. They certainly won’t welcome interference.”

“A distress call has come in from her. When I heard it, I thought of you.” Callie smiled, an annoying, this-is-just-your-type-of-mission, encouraging smile.

That drew a groan from Lina. A woman went missing in Shifter controlled space usually for one reason and it wasn’t pirates. This woman had been chosen by a shifter as mate and had run. Lina would rather go up against a shipload of the worst space scum in the known universe than mess with a shifter mating. “Show me the distress call.”

Callie nodded, a satisfied smirk crossing her face. “Here it is. Audio only, no vid on this one. The method she used was archaic.”

“Help me . . .” The sound of panting breaths and breaking foliage, as if the woman was running through a forest or an overgrown area, came clearly over the link. “You’ve got to come get me. They’ll come after me. I drugged them, but they know where our camp is. I can’t go there. They took me from there.” The woman’s voice was thready and high-pitched. She sounded panicked, almost incoherent. “They’re animals. They can be animals. Please, send someone for me.”

“It sounded as if she was dealing with one of your kind.”

“Well, she is probably dealing with a shifter. The message did seem to indicate that. My kind, I don’t know. I can go there, look for her.” Lina pursed her lips as she considered the difficulties of this mission. There were obviously some shifters there or somewhere nearby which could make it difficult.

“You don’t think you can find her?” Carrie raised her brows, but her smile taunted, challenged.

“If the man is already mated to her when I get there, she won’t want to leave. I won’t try to take her from him. As long as she isn’t mated, any help I give her won’t get me killed.” Lina nodded accepting the assignment and giving Callie the conditions.

“Why would they kill you?” Callie frowned, clearly perplexed.

Lina ignored that question, trying to explain the seriousness of a shifter mating to a non-shifter was useless. “If she is still free and not mated, I’ll get her off the planet and rendezvous with one of your ships. As I’ve told you before, even getting her off of the planet probably won’t help in the long run.”

“We’ll get her out of Shifter Space. She’ll be safe if you can get her to us.” Callie radiated confidence in her cheerful smile and perky attitude.

“Shifters are persistent. I’ll need everything you have on her. If she’s hiding, I’ll need to know where she’s most comfortable.” She doubted that Callie believed or even grasped just how intense a shifter would be in the search for his woman. He would come after the woman he considered his mate. Tracking her across galaxies was normal for them.

The transmission of the woman’s files as well as those of the people with the research group came almost immediately. There was no information about the shifters.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Release Day!

For Ellora's Caveman: Jewels of the Nile. I intended to have this post earlier today, but a storm last night interfered with those plans before I could even finish the post. Six fabulous stories for your reading pleasure available at Ellora's Cave. Lady's Choice Blurb

Kyna has fought long and hard to establish herself as a dedicated, capable soldier in the Laurati army. Now she is determined to let nothing about her past tarnish her reputation as she works to advance among the Calazi militia. She'd wanted to impress her commanders, but not like this.

In the midst of a power outage on their base, Finn and Drace make their intentions toward Kyna crystal clear. Kyna is intrigued and aroused but wary of sleeping with a superior, let alone both of them. As the heat between them rises, however, she quickly realizes she needs to make a choice—and not between the two men.Sexy excerpt below the cut.


"We're trapped in this section," Commander Tarn said gently. "We might be able to get a few of the other doors open, but the door to the main hall is too heavy and has an auto-lock. While we're locked in here, we have no ranks, no hierarchy. All right?"

Kyna swallowed heavily. Once he said it she couldn't stop her mind from expanding on his idea. With no rank between them, there was nothing to stop her from kissing him--if not more. Even with the rank and duty as a block, she couldn't deny how attractive she found both of these men.

She gnawed on her lip and exhaled slowly. There were two choices--remain professional or let desire rule for once. She couldn't let this chance slip away from her. In the years ahead, she'd most likely only have duty and her honor and memories. She wasn't going to live with the regret of walking away from this opportunity.

"No duty, no superior officers here. Only a woman and two men," she agreed. Her heart seemed to be pounding against her chest partly because of a little anxious fear but mostly in anticipation.

"Well, the first thing you can do is call me Finn." He pulled her closer until she was leaning against him.

His breath feathered through her hair. She gave in to the urge to nestle against him and feel the strength of his muscled chest beneath her cheek. Even through his shirt she could feel the heat of his body. He smelled absolutely wonderful and she didn't think that musky essence came from a bottle.

"If there's a first, what's the second thing, Finn?" she asked. The cloak of darkness made it easier to relax, to let herself fall into the fantasy.

"Kiss me. I want to feel those lips beneath mine," he said.

Her hand slid up his chest and she found his cheek in the darkness. Her lips brushed over his cheek before she found his lips. She could feel her cheeks heating with embarrassment. His warm, slightly sweet breath puffed over her lips. She lapped at his lips, tracing their shape with her tongue.

His mouth opened beneath hers and suddenly he wasn't a passive participant. His arm cradled her back as his mouth slanted across hers aggressively. She tasted sweet spice as his tongue drove into her mouth.

With the unremitting black surrounding them every sound, every touch seemed sharper, more intense. At least that's what she tried to tell herself when her senses went wild at the feel of his lips and tongue. Her hands stroked over the soft cloth at his shoulders. His shoulders shifted beneath her hands and a deep moan rolled against her lips.

She felt his hand brush against her thigh and drew in a sharp breath as tingles danced over her skin. The nipping sting of his teeth on her lip distracted her from the path of his fingers over her stomach.

"You taste good, deliciously sweet. I want to see if you taste that way all over." He placed kisses along her jaw.

Her mind automatically supplied images of his mouth trailing over her breasts, her belly and lower. She shivered and felt liquid coating the lips of her pussy. By the great Prishu, she wanted to feel his lips and tongue everywhere. She shifted in his lap, leaning into him.

His hand cupped her breast, his thumb circling the hard nipple. "You have perfect breasts. Can I touch them without the cloth?"

"Oh yes," she answered on a sigh and her hands dropped to her shirt and began unfastening it.

His fingers traced along the underside of her breast. His fingertip felt warm and slightly rough. Flutters of sensation followed his touch to the upper swell of her breast. His thumb flicked over the hardened peak a moment before he took the distended nub between his fingers. Her back arched as sensation shot straight to her core.

The feeling was so intense that she didn't notice the absence of his warm breath over her lips until she instead felt it against the base of her neck. His teeth grazed her collarbone. She shivered as his kisses and nips marked a trail down her neck. She never knew whether she'd feel his lips, tongue or teeth and that made her arousal more intense with each touch.

When his mouth closed over her nipple, she moaned and her hands slid up his chest and around his neck. One large hand slid down her belly, pausing to circle her navel with teasing fingers. She wriggled at the prickling tingles the touch drew and groaned with regret as her nipple slipped from his lips.

His hand cupped her pussy in a bold claiming at the same moment that his tongue flicked her nipple. She jerked, feeling as if a hot brand of intense pleasure seared through her. Her body trembled and she knew she was only a few breaths away from an intense climax.

A bright light flashed, lancing across her eyes and momentarily blinding her. She lifted a hand and scowled at the offending beam. She could have cheerfully hit the man behind that light. Her frustration sizzled over raw nerve endings, leaving an empty ache.

"Looks like I came at a bad time." Commander Amon set the light on the floor to the side and changed the setting to a less blinding one. He put an extra unlit lamp just to the right.