A Quandary about Penny #amwriting

So in the last few weeks I've been trucking on Leslie's story, A Cougar's Mates. (Bliss is also moving along, by the way.)

That's great! I'm super excited about it. I've only had trouble with one part of the story hanging me up. I backed off for a night to look at it objectively and decided that I needed rethink that section. Since that time, the story has flowed.

The quandary mentioned in the blog title concerns a new character that's popped up in Leslie's story. Penny.

At the start of the story, I knew I was going to learn more about the cougars and meet some new characters. I knew I'd get to tell more about Leslie (that girl has secrets) and revisit those fabulous friends and see where life is taking them.

Penny is not a cougar; although, she is friends with one. She's a vet and very much human. She's with her friend when she meets Leslie and the girls. Now, Penny's quiet and hasn't said so much to this point in the story, but boy has she been occupying space in my head. Penny has a story and it's right there. Almost ready to be told.

But the quandary is that I wanted to get through the friends' stories first before expanding to other stories. The one problem with that is Dixie and Shonna aren't giving me much to go on with them.

On the other hand, Penny and her friend Maggie have already given me more than a glimpse into what's happening in their lives. And Penny has problems ahead of her. To tell you the truth, I'm really intrigued by Penny and want to dive into the story right now.

Must resist! I need to finish Leslie's book and Bliss as well. The second paranormal gargoyle will go in the lineup next. Then when there's an open space whichever Whyr story I choose.

Now, this isn't a bad place to be for me. I've got a story almost ready to go. I know I'll get to Dixie and Shonna whenever they get around to telling me about their mates. They don't seem to be in a rush to get mated though.

Part of me is going "But... But... This isn't how I planned it." In this case, if Dixie and Shonna don't step up and show me who their mates are and what their conflict is, Penny's story will be the next Whyr story I write.

I'm giving it time. Perhaps as I get closer to the end, I'll learn more about Dixie and Shonna's loves.

So what would you do?

Happy Reading!

Guest Cover Reveal: Pets in Space #coverreveal #sfrb

 I'd like to welcome Pauline Baird Jones and the other authors involved in this anthology to the Lair. Ever wondered about the companion animals in space? This anthology gives you a glimpse of them. Part of the proceeds of this book will be donated to a good cause. Read on for more info.

Pets in Space

Out October 11th, 2016

Even an alien needs a pet...

Join the adventure as nine pet loving sci-fi romance authors take you out of this world and pull you into their action-packed stories filled with suspense, laughter, and romance. The alien pets have an agenda that will capture the hearts of those they touch. Follow along as they work side by side to help stop a genetically-engineered creature from destroying the Earth to finding a lost dragon; life is never the same after their pets decide to get involved. Can the animals win the day or will the stars shine just a little less brightly? New York Times, USA TODAY, Award Winning, and Bestselling authors have nine original, never-released stories that will capture your imagination and help a worthy charity. Come join us as we take you on nine amazing adventures that will change the way you look at your pet!
10% of profits from the first month go to Hero-Dogs.org. Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.


By S.E. Smith (New York Times/USA TODAY Best Selling Author)

Matrix Roma is a member of the elite Zion military Cyborg Protection Unit. Matrix gets more than he bargains for when his cyborg partner, a hybrid Wolfhound named K-Nine, goes missing and ends up finding a mate for Matrix in the middle of a deadly mission on an unknown planet called Earth.


By Susan Grant (New York Times Best Selling, USA TODAY, and RITA Award Winning Author)

 Interplanetary Marine Lt. Lukas Frank has a lot in common with a street dog named Bang-Bang; they both started off as scrappy orphans fighting to survive—and beat the odds. Things change when Bang-Bang leads Lukas to starpilot Capt. Carlynn Riga. The tough war hero learns what it means to surrender — his heart. Lukas’s struggles with PTSD threaten to tear the three of them apart, but nothing threatens them more than when Carlynn goes missing on a mission. Can a scarred marine and his unlikely canine partner find Carlynn and bring her home, or will he lose everything he’s finally found worth fighting for?


By Cara Bristol  (USA TODAY Best Selling Author)

Memory: intact. Cognitive function: enhanced. Emotion: erased. After becoming a cyborg, Captain Dante Stone didn’t think he’d ever feel again, until a traumatized young woman and a ball of synthetic fur named Sparky helped him to love.


By Veronica Scott

Cargo Master Owen Embersson is shocked when the Nebula Zephyr’s ship’s cat and her alien sidekick, Midorri, alert him to the presence of a stowaway. He has no idea of the dangerous complications to come – nor does he anticipate falling hard for the woman whose life he now holds in his hands. Life aboard the Nebula Zephyr has just become more interesting – and deadly.


By Pauline Baird Jones

Emma Standish didn’t think her day could get any worse. Her dad is marrying his boss, her dragon suddenly came back talking and typing, and it’s her fault the Earth, or at least ten square miles of Texas, is going to be destroyed. That’s what happens when you forget something very, very important. Luckily for her, she’s got the love of her life that she can’t remember and her dragon by her side. Who needs to worry when you’re having a day like this?


By Laurie A. Green

Navigator Taro Shall has a mission no one wants – find a way to eradicate snakes on a starship. He never expects to find the answer to his problem in a charming street vendor named Adini. His already unusual mission becomes more complicated when he suddenly acquires an adorable StarDog that soon sweeps him and Adini into the maw of a brewing insurrection.


By Alexis Glynn Latner

Young Roboticist Ten Jaxdown has to deploy, and possibly sacrifice, the swarm of investigative robots that he has invented and cares about more than anything else in the star system. It may be the only hope for those depending on him and his robots to save them. Yet, even as frantic preparations for the unprecedented deep-space rescue mission are set in motion, it could all be threatened by sabotage.

Anastasia Steed is an intrepid young mission designer. She steps forward with an idea that can improve the odds of the mission. Neither she nor Ten expect the assistance they receive from a very unusual pet. A pet that will bring together two alienated human beings who didn’t realize they needed each other. Can Ten and Anastasia discover who is behind the sabotage, save the mission, and discover what is evolving between them? With a little bit of unusual help, anything is possible.


By Lea Kirk

Graig Roble is the Senior Commander of security for the Guardian Fleet. His expertise as a weapons specialist and combat master is his world, what he was born to do – or so he thought until he finds his resolve and focus inexplicably wavering. Even returning to his position aboard the Atlantis can’t save him; if anything, it has left him questioning his own motives. He never thought that could happen until he met Simone Campbell.

 Simone's focus is on her home world - Earth. She thought her life was full with her research as a botanist. After all, she always believed that helping the people of her world become self-sufficient should take all of her concentration - except it doesn't. There is one man that keeps pulling her attention, and her heart, away from her job.

 Graig's gift of a puppy to keep her company does more than that, it keeps him in her dreams. How can such a simple gift bring her comfort and make her long for more? Graig and Simone are about to find out that sometimes love can blossom from the smallest, furriest ties.


By Carysa Locke

Teegan’s job as a hunter is to track down the Talented, those driven insane by their gifts. She and Ember, her psychically gifted fox, have tracked dozens of people for Cole, the man who works to rehabilitate and recover these troubled souls. When one of Cole’s most dangerous patients escapes, Teegan and Ember are on a hunt that could prove fatal if she doesn’t keep her focus on her mission. Unfortunately, Cole is proving one distraction that might make this her last hunt if she can’t do that.

 Can Teegan keep her heart and mind in the game long enough to save an entire planet’s population, or will her distraction lead to heartache – and possibly death for everyone?

Thoughts on the WIP--crazy foxes and digging in the past #amwriting

So I'm working and making some good progress on the two WIP I'm working on. Not going to put up daily word count numbers here, because I'm still building this into a habit and there are some up and downs. Making this kind of progress keeps me excited, but I'm also learning some interesting things about both stories.

In the A Cougar's Mates. As in the above picture. Foxes are crazy. All right maybe not all of them. There are a few in this story that don't exemplify this slogan. But a good number of them exemplify the saying.

Leslie has a slight mean streak, but she's honest and takes accountability for it.  You'll see when I finish this book and get it published. I'm working to get it ready as fast as I can while at the same time, I work to get it right.

In Fiery Bliss-- still not sure about that title-- this week, it's all about the past. Violet's past and that of Alden Glen. The danger's coming from somewhere and they'll have to dig deep to find the truth.

Until they do discover that, the danger will continue to plague the town.

This book is farther along than Cougar so I know much more about it. I like Violet's strength even if she isn't what anyone would call a warrior woman.  Theron is also someone a character I've come to admire. He's building a future, but not too long ago, he thought that his life could be counted in months.

Timelines and submission jitters #amwriting

The picture above is what I've been doing off and on for the last couple of days. It's a timeline of all of the events in Touch of the Moon. I had a hand drawn one on a piece of paper, but it was indecipherable and I'll need to keep track of the events of what happened before, during, and after the story, because there will be another. I need to keep track of what happened and who did what. There is some carry over into the next book. That's why it's color coded.

Each viewpoint character + the villain has a color and new characters will get their own as well. I needed a way to put in new things after I finished listing the main points. It's basic, but it will let me get a clear view of everything that's going on.

As is normal near the end of a book, I'm flooded with ideas. I'd probably think I was sick if I ended a book without my mind spinning with a lot of "ooh, shiny" moments to distract me. None of them related to what I'm finishing. What this means is that I just put down some notes for three more books that will follow what I intended to be a four book series. The last of those three might lead to more books, but except for the first one, the ideas are mere sketches and need a lot of work before their ready to write.

At the time of writing this, Guardian is sitting on the back burner waiting to be revised. I'll pick it back up when it's had time to fade from the front of my mind. I know I'll have some fixing to do with that one, but I'm keeping a positive attitude about it. One book is submitted. The other is still being revised. I'm a little behind where I hoped to be on it, but I'm still feeling really good about this book.

Writing in general for the last few days has been great. I must be doing something right.

I've got the normal nervousness after submitting. The uh oh did I check this, did I title that right jitters. But I'm focusing on the books I'm working on now to get past that.

I like Les's new book so far. Let me just say that she surprised me with an evil plan. In other news, I'm working on solidifying the plot for the next in paranormal contemporary Gargoyle and all I need to fall into place is the outer conflict.

Flashes of Inspiration--Saving Magic #amwriting

The things that inspire a story most of the time bear little resemblance to the finished product. I thought I'd share a scene that inspired a story I might be starting soon if I can get a few things hammered out.  I call this Saving Magic, because it's one of the things I know about the story and world. They have to save their world's magic.

Cheli woke slowly. The heavy lethargy of deep sleep slowly began to fade. She noticed she was warm, very warm. It was a little odd. The last few days, she'd been almost uncomfortably cool in the mornings. Not that she expected it to be warm and cozy in a tent in the foothills of the mountains in fall. It was going to get cold before they could head home.

She opened her eyes and started as she saw a male face not too far from hers. She recognized the male. It was Ridge. He wasn't supposed to be here.

His brown hair hung in tight braids and his face still bore the face paint the men had on almost every day she'd seen them. Then again, she hadn't ever seen them when they were completely safe or comfortable. They hadn't been in there home territory.

She had left the area with her brother and his men while they were away for two days. How had those men found them? Her brother and the other men had been careful about leaving a trail.

She blinked, hoping this a nightmare or figment of her imagination. No, still there. And luckily he was still asleep. She could slip out of the tent and go find out how in the hell her brother had let the men into her damn tent.

He and his twin, Gannon had been courting her; although, she hadn't recognized it as courting until recently. They'd given her a few small gifts. A piece of fruit and a bracelet.

She hadn't realized that accepting those gifts constituted an acceptance of their courtship, but this... She hadn't expected this, especially when she'd thought she wouldn't see them again.

She tried to get up, but couldn't. It felt like something more substantial than blankets covered her. She glanced down and saw a wing draped across her. That wasn't Ridge's wing, because he was in full human form. She turned her head to the other side and saw a dark skinned gargoyle sprawled next to her.

That had to be Gannon, but she'd never seen him in this form. This wasn't good. She should definitely get out of here, before they woke up. Since sitting and easing out from between them was out, she'd have to see if she could ease her way upward and from beneath the wing. She was lucky her movements hadn't woken him already. She eased forward, pulling herself with only her arms.

She managed to get out from under the wing and to her feet. With a glance back, she hurried to get dressed and out before they noticed the difference. She left her shoes, because she wasn't going far, just outside. Hopefully, she'd find her brother so she could yell at him for letting those two into her tent.

She looked around as soon as the flap fell back into place. She spotted her brother across the camp. He stood with one of Gannon and Ridge's. Her eyes narrowed and she stalked over to him. She put her hands on her hips and glared up at her black haired brother.

"Seriously, you let them into my tent?" She tapped her foot as she waited for whatever answer he came up with.

"Let them? They arrived in the middle of the night and were in camp before the sentries even saw them. I was woken as they were settling in. They were already at your tent before I realized what was happening." He scowled at her. "I told them to put up their own fucking tent. What was I supposed to do?"

"Get in front of them. Make enough noise to wake me." She swept her hand wide. "Anything."

Arms came around her and lifted her off her feet. "He would have had a few more bruises than the last time. I think he learned his lesson about getting between us."

Ridge. Fuck, for such a big man, he was quiet on his feet.

"Come on. You do not want Gannon coming out here for you. We need to talk about you disappearing on us." His lips brushed over her shoulder.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Reading!