Plotting, news, ideas

If not for sits... why is it made of warm? -
Okay I've been away for a while.

I'm going to busy in the next week. I need to do a big check and update for my website.

I've got some research to do as well as some work on my world notebooks. I'm updating my character names list so I don't use the same name for two different characters. Of course I'll also be working on my active WIP.

I'll be beginning revisions on Primal Claim (tentative title) soon (the primal short I wrote.) I want to get it ready to submit to my editor ASAP. Which means, I can move something up onto the active WIP list.

Lately, I've been especially inspired. Ideas for new books have been flowing. There's a Feiral Ancients story, a sort of story inspired by gargoyles, and more on the Primal series. A few of them are going to be rather long so they'll go into the queue to be written after I've fleshed out the characters, conflict and world. I'm plotting another short story at this moment. That will move onto the active WIP as soon as I'm satisfied with the plot and characters.

Lover's Return

Here's the uber sexy cover for Lover's Return. Gorgeous!

On top of this I have some very good news. A release date.

Lover's Return will be releasing on February 15!

I know I'm looking forward to February.