Happy Valentines Day!

On this day of lovers, I'd like to share a little about the inspiration behind the lovers in some of my books and WIP. And maybe hear about what inspires you in your writing.

Sometimes it's "What if" questions that bring about that first spark of an idea.
What if a woman lost her memory and met her lover? Well, in Lost Memories, Honie's angry as hell when she sees Mace again.

I've had a few character and location inspirations based on pictures, but recently I saw a picture of a gargoyle done by a digital artist and it sent my mind spinning with the ideas. The story is now in the line of ideas waiting to be written and it's diverged from that original picture. And those gargoyles, well, they're not anything you'd readily recognize as those stone guardians against evil.

Theme and story calls

When I see the call lists for things like bounty hunters, pirates and cowboys, well those can kick start an idea. I wanted to do a sort of space cowboy story. That's originally what I intended when I started writing Lover's Return, but the story and characters changed on me. Jericho and Charleigh just didn't want to stay in a wild, wild west sort of setting. By the way, Lover's Return releases on the 15th. Just so you know.


I've gotten a few kickstarts from television. Watching a documentary about feuding families sort of combined with one of the above theme and story calls and gave me some of the conflict and background for two lovers from fueding families. Yes, another story waiting to be written.

Okay, now what inspires you?

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