An odd bit of inspiration.

Inspiration can come at the oddest times. Tonight, while I was doing the dishes after dinner, is one instance. I'm currently finishing a rather massive WIP...still. (Seriously, this WIP doesn't seem to want to end. Although I know it's going to be a huge undertaking to revise this one because it sort of changed directions on me while I was writing it.)

A chant or some kind of spell came to me. Not a full story idea even a scene, but definitely something inspirational. Here's what came to me.

Made of Stone, ye claim
Hard to the core, rock within and without
From heart to thy name

Strength and steel can win a fight
They cannot heal the pain ye wrought
The chaos ye caused ends tonight

Made of stone, ye claim
So shall ye be
Stone, ye shall remain.

I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm going to tack it up and give it some time to let the idea solidify and form fully. (And I don't know why it's got this Old English thing going on.) Just the words call up some images and ideas but maybe it will twist into something a little different.