Her Mates Embrace Cover and update

Above is the cover for Her Mate's Embrace. Isn't it gorgeous? I love her eyes.

I've been writing. I've started hand writing a story. A menage I'm calling "The Bears" for the moment. I'm liking it. It's definitely different than sitting at the computer and tapping at the keys. I'm also working on other stories on my computer. A while back I had a corrupt file problem with Their Familiar. I lost some of the work I'd done, but I'm back and beyond where I left off. I'll also be beginning work on a new Primal short soon. I'm looking forward to jumping back into the world of the Zarain.

At the moment, I'm finishing off the second round of edits for Her Mates Embrace. I just need to finish this read through and get it back to my editor. Well, got to get back to that read through.

Happy reading!

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