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It's now official! Ellora's Cave had contracted Her Mates' Embrace. Woohoo! (Did you know kitties give you the strangest looks when you squee aloud?) Cover art to be shared and drooled over whenever I get it.

 HME is a Santir shapeshifter story set in the same world and around the same time as some of the Primal Attraction series. I'm anxious to get started on the edits for this but have a little pre-edit work to do beforehand. Remember Tyson from Hunted Intensity. The two heroes in this book are his Ardin, his leaders.

In other news for me, I finished a short story, Jericho's Return. It's a futuristic, set on a colony. Jericho returns to his home colony to reunite with his lady love, Charleigh. I need to revise that. I'm making progress, sometimes snail's pace, on Their Familiar and Rana's story. I'm putting together details for a Primal short story. I want to get back to that world. I'll be sending an update to my webmistress soon to update the website with the latest.

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