Tiger Eyes and what's new

I've finished Tiger Eyes and am working on the revisions. I'm about halfway through those. I'm planning to start another book soon and am doing some plotting. Doing something a little different this time. I'm trying to avoid some of the pitfalls of writing totally by the seat of my pants. The stops and starts wondering where to go when I get stuck are a real time suck not to mention annoying and frustrating.

I'm trying a character-based plotting system and a little story boarding with notecards. It's new to me. I'm going at the character based plotting for both my hero and heroine. I don't know if that's making things more difficult than it should be, but since they both have a hand in moving the story forward and are very different that I needed to go at it from both perspectives.

I have tried the character based thing a little with some of my WIP (in the last few days) and it has helped me move them forward. One of those stories, I thought I'd have to restart and try to take it from a different tack, but I think I've managed to get out of that problem. I don't expect to follow the entire list of ideas and scenarios that this generates. It's something to guide and ideas to fall back on if I come to a point where I'm wondering what happens next. More on my new foray into plotting to come.