I've got news. Not sure if I've posted this but Chosen Destiny has been contracted by Ellora's Cave and I've got cover! Cue squeal. The art department did an awesome job with a description and a few ideas. Gorgeous isn't it? Let's see what else. I'll be submitting Lisia's Journey in the next few days. Basically, I need to write the synopsis but that's always something I procrastinate on. Not my fave thing to do. My Feiral future WIP is a few scenes away from THE END. I've got to remember what I'd decided to title that then I'll start cleaning it up and get onto my next story to be a WIP. My newsletter readers know this and a few people who've emailed to ask about it also know, but the next in line is Rana's story, Karissa's friend from Fire Princes' Bride.

I'm trying out a new word meter to see how I like it. Although if I don't have to do math to get the percentages, that's always a good thing.