On Stalling and rewriting.

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This is appropriate. I've been stuck on two of my WIP for a while. The story I'm writing about the Santir Ancients, tentatively titled Tainted Magic and a Tiger shifter book were Stalled, emphasis on the going nowhere. (It felt like an eternity!) I couldn't seem to find a way to get either story back on track. (For more on that go to the Goddesses of Storytelling blog.)

The teeth of this situation is that I had to cut big chunks out of what I had already written to fix the problem that was holding me back. Now I'm happy that I've finally gotten those stories back on track, but that kinda hurt.

On my other WIP, the characters of Dragon's Keeper and my Feiral Futuristic story are keeping me busy so I wasn't completely blocked. Just really frustrated because I wanted to work on those other stories too!

Have a great Sunday!