Guarded Beginnings

Guarded Beginnings was reviewed by Vallerianna at Night Owl Romance.

She gave it a 4 out of 5

Also at the bottom of the review check out the trailer I made for Guarded Beginnings.

Denise Arensal is supposed to be protecting a brother and sister not confronting her past in the form of two overgrown Norik first gens, especially since her memories of that time are not ones of love and devotion on their part. Davik and Camin know that they have to win Denise's trust, but they did not expect to have to confront their own behavior at the root of the problem. They've decided to tease and tempt, seduce and sex her into their arms and lives, but Denise wants more than bed space and tolerance, she wants love. But things are heating up in the form of repeated mercenary attacks and rebellion on the part of the sister.

Rebecca Airies is a great author. This is the second book in her Norik series, but can be read as a stand-alone since there are no references to the previous book. I love Ms. Airies turn of phrase and ability to draw a picture in the readers mind. The conflict and resolution were wonderful, I really hate it when the heroine just rolls over and gives up, but Ms. Airies is queen of the spunky heroines and they like to give their men hell. All in all a great way to while away the late summer afternoons.

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Earlier today, I wrote the last few words on Fated Mates. It still needs some work, major revisions as well as at least one additional scene. I'm excited. Not only because I've been trying to get those characters in line for weeks. They haven't wanted to behave and let the story progress. I'm also excited because I get to start a new story soon. I have several I'd like to begin working on, but I don't know which will get moved to the front of the line. I'll have to look them over and see which characters are the most eager to get their story told.

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