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For all of the writers out there, I wanted to pass along a link to a great post with a lot of good resources. Minnette Meador has listed a huge number of links for writers. Click on the link on the name or here's the full link: http://minnettemeador.blogspot.com/2009/07/cleaning-out-closet-101-links-for.html

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Guarded Beginnings

Guarded Beginning's releases today, the 17th and I thought I'd share the blurb and a short excerpt of it.

Denise Arensal is stuck on an isolated planet, trying to protect a man and his flighty sister. When help arrives, at first she’s thrilled, but then she sees the two men from her dreams. Memories of another time tell her she can’t trust them. Yet, her fears can’t hold back her desires…

Davik and Camin know she’s wary of them. They seduce and tempt her into giving them what they want—her love and trust. They entice her closer with teasing kisses and carnal games, determined to show her they belong together.

Denise needs to know if the men are offering more than just hot sex and a warm bed, but there’s little time to find out. Between sensual stolen moments, ever-increasing mercenary attacks make every day a fight for survival. The trio will have to rely on each other if they want to make it off the planet alive.


Denise looked up and watched as the men began to walk toward the door. All except for one of them. The man with blond hair tossed his bag to the redhead and took a seat on the opposite side of the table.

“Hello.” He leaned forward a bit, meeting her eyes and smiled. “I’m Camin Arohn.”

She didn’t return the smile. Her feelings were too confused. “I’m Denise Arensal.”

“You’ve been dreaming of us.” He placed his hand on the bar, his fingers almost touching hers.

She took a deep breath. His scent filled her lungs and hit her with the force of a body blow. Memory and sensation rushed at her. Hot moist breath fanned across her neck as a muscled arm pulled her tight against him. The rich exotic essence of kinas spice seemed to surround her. For a moment, she relished the security and desire she felt in that phantom embrace. That hadn’t been a question. She knew she hadn’t been able to hide her shock at first seeing them.

Reality returned with a thud as he repeated his remark in a more forceful voice.

“I dreamed of two men but we both know they weren’t really you or that other man. You should be glad you’re not them. Both of those men were bastards,” she said.

His smile died as he sat back. He ran his hands through his gold hair, mussing it. She saw his eyes close.

“There’s a lot you don’t know.” He looked down at her and put his arms on the table, leaning forward.

“We have all the information from the known bases. I don’t think there’s anything about those labs that I haven’t heard or read.” She resumed her task of wiping down the table before moving on to another.

“It’s not about the labs. It’s about the Norik men.” He rose from his seat following her as she moved to the next table.

“Then I don’t really need to know, do I? I’m here to watch Nials and his sister until a secure location is found for them. I won’t be getting involved with you or the other man. I don’t know if I could ever get past the resemblance.” She tossed a smile at him and then threw the used cloth into a bin under the counter.

Even though the container was only half full at the moment, she picked it up and began carrying it toward the door to the living quarters. Anything to be able to walk away from him. The conflicting desires only made every feeling sharper, more intense.

He didn’t follow her. Walking down the hall, she frowned. She didn’t feel relieved, just a little disappointed. Somehow, she hadn’t expected him to just give up and let her go without even asking her to stop and listen.

* * * * *

Davik walked out of the large room he’d chosen. On a level below the bar, each man could have a private room if they wanted. He’d put his bags as well as Camin’s in the spacious room. The room was a little bland for his taste, minimally furnished with a bed and a small round table. With a little rearrangement, it would serve for the short time that they’d be on the planet. When he turned at the top of the stairs to go back to the bar, he saw her striding down the hallway with a slatted gray box in her hands. Her brown eyes sparkled with emotion and a flush darkened the skin over her high cheekbones. She stopped and her pink tongue slicked over her lush lips. He wanted to taste those lips again.

“Camin is out in the bar. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you joined him. Keep an eye out for Sela. She’s a blonde. Straight, long silver-blonde hair and the lightest skin I’ve ever seen. Don’t let her out of the bar without an escort. I can’t make her understand that she’s as big a target as her brother.” She looked back down the hallway to the main bar area.

Davik frowned as she gave him a sweeping look and stalked away at a fast clip. Astonishment curled through him. She’d just given him orders and dismissed him. If he hadn’t guessed just by the fact that she was working as a bodyguard, he now had undeniable proof. This woman was so very different from their sweet Aeva. Aeva had never even talked back to them, much less ordered them to do something as if they were servants.

He was more than tempted to go after her but he knew something was wrong out there in the bar area. Camin would have been right behind her if she hadn’t said something to him that held him back. They both wanted this woman in their lives. There had to be some reason Camin wasn’t beside her, talking until she listened.

Davik headed for the bar, intent on discovering just what had happened. Whatever it was, they’d get past it. She’d been taken from them once. It wouldn’t be happening again. This time, she would be safe and happy with them.

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Funny picture

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I had to post this because it was so familiar. My big black cat likes to do this, although he's not as gracious about sharing as this guy seems to be.

While I'm here, a quick update. Fated Mates is giving me a little problem. The last scenes aren't coming together, but I'm determined to finish it soon. I'm working on my newsletter at the moment and preparing for the upcoming release of Guarded Beginnings. Coming out on July 17th!