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For those looking for a word count meter, I found this article listing six. I knew of two of them and I'd also worked up a manual one for November when NaNo kicks in, but I really hate math so I'm always looking for alternatives. For those who can't click the link, here's one you can copy and paste.


I'm going to give the Curious Device Meter a try on the two new WIP I'm entering in the sidebar. (edited) Since the other meter I have seems to have some technical difficulties, I'll be using the Curious device on all of them. Just realized that you'll have to customize it a little unless you want the meter to be tiny. It's not that hard to do though. You only have to change a few things-width, height and font size were all I changed.


Does beauty matter in a heroine? I'm not talking about knock-em dead gorgeous beauty. This doesn't come out of left field for me. One of the heroine's in one of my WIP has a facial scar that she's really hung-up on. It's a factor only to her, the heroes have their own problems.

It got me thinking about stories where the heroine is described as plain or just not beautiful except to the hero. I'm sure I've read stories where the heroine has a scar, but I can't remember the name of any specific books.

When I'm reading, I do envision the heroine, but scars wouldn't matter to me.

So would a scar or bad scars matter to you?

Goddesses and more!

I'm blogging today at at the Goddesses of Storytelling blog and you'll find news there.

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I am making some progress on my WIP and the revising I need to be doing, between rounds of editing. More news later.

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