Jewels of the Nile II reviews

Ellora's Caveman: Jewels of the Nile has been getting some good news and I wanted to share this one. It received a recommended read from Dark Angel Reviews. Part of it's above the cut and the rest is below the cut.

AFTER DARK by Kyann Waters

Kayla March is sexually unfulfilled. She has never reached an orgasm. After her seven year marriage is over she decides it’s time to find a tall, dark and handsome stranger and talk him into bed. Her choice will change her life forever.

When Alandro Blackwood realizes that his one true mate, Kayla is still alive, he can’t wait to meet her. Their bond is much more than either can imagine. Will Kayla trust Alandro when she finds out that he’s her mate for life, and a vampire? Or, will the sight of his fangs send her running?

What an excellent story! I loved everything about AFTER DARK. Kayla immediately grabbed my attention and heart. She’s so lonely, with no family left, and her marriage is over. All she wants is a partner who can fulfill her sexually and bring her to an orgasm, but she hasn’t found anyone to do that. She thinks there has to be something wrong with her and decides to pick up a stranger at a club call After Dark. In walks sexy, mysterious Alandro. Boy, what a hot male vamp this one is. His raw sexual power just pours off him and I love it. I have to say my favorite is that Kayla just flows with her life and destiny. If you are looking for a great all around story, Ms. Water’s, AFTER DARK is the story for you.

FROM THE SEA by Maxie Cooper

Kelli Rhodes is vacationing far away from her work life. She has a little beach house, on a stretch of empty beach, where one night, a gorgeous naked man comes right out of the water and beckons for Kelli to come to him. She has no idea that he will change her life forever.

FROM THE SEA is a tale about two mermaids, one who lost her way long ago and was raised as a human. I enjoyed this story tremendously. Mermaids and mystical creatures under the sea have always been fascinating to me and this story hit the nail on the head. Kelli knows something, out of her reach, is calling to her and it shows when she paints beautiful things of the sea and what maybe underneath. She feels unconnected with her life and can’t quite figure out what it is, until a naked man steps out of the water in the moonlight. Ms. Cooper has written a superb, erotic story with a mystical feel mystical thrown in. If you love mermaids and the sea, FROM THE SEA will not disappoint.

LADY’S CHOICE by Rebecca Airies

Kyna has worked hard to earn her solider rank and prove that she’s nothing like her father. She’s learned that when people find out who she is, they immediately dislike her and don’t trust her. However, Kyna is about to meet two men who not only like her and trust her, but want her. Commander Finn and Commander Drace are about to give her something she craves, being loved.

LADY’S CHOICE is a tantalizing erotic tale that shows how two men can love one woman and make her know her true self.

I loved all aspects of the story. First, we have Kyna, who I thought fit right into the lives of these two men perfectly. These two are somewhat opposite, but fit, one each side, of Kyna to a tee. It’s as if they were all born for one another and that makes the story so exciting. I was a bit apprehensive to see all three of them together, but once I started reading it, I realized I had nothing to worry about. Ms. Airies writing is tasteful, yet still erotic and the scenes will leave you hot and bothered. I was reading this story as fast as possible to see Drace, Kyna and Finn together again. What an exciting story, and I hope to read more from Ms. Airies in the future.

SUNRISE by Natasha Moore

Caroline has been meeting Alan, in the shadows, at sunset for months. She’s more than happy with just sex; she doesn’t need any special treatment. Alan, however, wants it to be a little more than that. He doesn’t want to meet outside, in the shadows and lay on the ground. He wants Caroline in his bed, now if he could just convince her.

SUNRISE by Natasha Moore is more of a slow-paced erotic romance. I really enjoyed the tug of war Caroline had with her heart. She meets Alan, when she can, in the shadows at sunset. In her mind, it makes it anonymous. However, as time goes on, they learn one another’s names and more about their lives. Soon, Caroline is panicky because she just wants hot, steamy sex, not romance. She’s afraid she’ll lose it all when he walks out. This is why, this was one of my favorites in the book. I could relate to Caroline and understand why she just wanted sex and nothing more. Ms. Moore has written an erotic, yet romantic, story that leaves you hot and happy at the same time. Watching Alan talking Caroline into staying with him, and to return his love, was an awesome moment.


When Gelsey took the job as the costume seamstress for the Wizard of Oz she’s grateful for a place to hide out in the shadows and still have a job to do. She’s hiding from the dark forces that seem to follow her and call to her magical. She tries to entertain herself with fantasies of the Tin Man, but he’s a jerk and really like the story goes, heartless.

Woo-hoo! SURRENDER DOROTHY is totally sexy and mystical. Ms. Evans has created a super sexy story with a main female character who is trying to hide from something, but instead, faces head on, which I loved. Gelsey is a bit quiet and just wants to stay un-noticed, because something dark is chasing her. She has these super sexy fantasies about the Tin Man, AKA Stephen, that would blow her quiet girl image out of the water. Stephen, on the other hand, doesn’t seem interested at all. In fact, he seems to insult her every chance he gets. I was surprised by how fast their relationship goes from so-so, to downright sexy. As you read on, you see the magically, dangerous side, come into play. The paranormal aspect mixed with the raw erotic makes this story a hit and a must read.

THE DEBUTANTE by Samantha Kane

Dominic, Viscount Lethbridge, is tired of the same boring virgin ladies. He wants someone, well different, and passionate. Clari is what he wants and the more he’s around her, the more he’s sure of it. But, you see, he’s into more than normal sex and he’s afraid that once Clari finds out about Ben, she’ll go running for the hills.

Let me just start out with WOW! THE DEBUTANTE is one of the sexiest stories I’ve read, by far, this year. This story draws you in from the first page and has you thinking about it long after the story is over. The raw sexual power coming from Dominic is amazing. He’s so sexy that when he spoke to Clari in the book, I had goose bumps. I couldn’t get enough of Dominic and Clari and I was on pins and needles, waiting to see them do everything together. You see Dominic likes to have his best friend Ben join them in bed. I was apprehensive about how the story was going to go once Ben joined in, but it was even more enjoyable. Clari is completely innocent, but has read books and experimented with herself and I think it’s so sexy that she trusts Dominic the first time out. What is even more exciting is seeing Dominic, Clari and Ben together as friends and lovers. Ms. Kane, job well done on this terrifically sexy story.

I recommend JEWELS OF THE NILE II to everyone. There are all types of stories in here, something to strike everyone’s fancy. A bit of paranormal, a little futuristic and even one I considered historical. No matter what sub-genre, the erotic stands out and all of these authors have put together a wonderful book. I hope to see something more from all of these ladies in the future.

Becky Gaede