Release Day!

For Ellora's Caveman: Jewels of the Nile. I intended to have this post earlier today, but a storm last night interfered with those plans before I could even finish the post. Six fabulous stories for your reading pleasure available at Ellora's Cave. Lady's Choice Blurb

Kyna has fought long and hard to establish herself as a dedicated, capable soldier in the Laurati army. Now she is determined to let nothing about her past tarnish her reputation as she works to advance among the Calazi militia. She'd wanted to impress her commanders, but not like this.

In the midst of a power outage on their base, Finn and Drace make their intentions toward Kyna crystal clear. Kyna is intrigued and aroused but wary of sleeping with a superior, let alone both of them. As the heat between them rises, however, she quickly realizes she needs to make a choice—and not between the two men.Sexy excerpt below the cut.


"We're trapped in this section," Commander Tarn said gently. "We might be able to get a few of the other doors open, but the door to the main hall is too heavy and has an auto-lock. While we're locked in here, we have no ranks, no hierarchy. All right?"

Kyna swallowed heavily. Once he said it she couldn't stop her mind from expanding on his idea. With no rank between them, there was nothing to stop her from kissing him--if not more. Even with the rank and duty as a block, she couldn't deny how attractive she found both of these men.

She gnawed on her lip and exhaled slowly. There were two choices--remain professional or let desire rule for once. She couldn't let this chance slip away from her. In the years ahead, she'd most likely only have duty and her honor and memories. She wasn't going to live with the regret of walking away from this opportunity.

"No duty, no superior officers here. Only a woman and two men," she agreed. Her heart seemed to be pounding against her chest partly because of a little anxious fear but mostly in anticipation.

"Well, the first thing you can do is call me Finn." He pulled her closer until she was leaning against him.

His breath feathered through her hair. She gave in to the urge to nestle against him and feel the strength of his muscled chest beneath her cheek. Even through his shirt she could feel the heat of his body. He smelled absolutely wonderful and she didn't think that musky essence came from a bottle.

"If there's a first, what's the second thing, Finn?" she asked. The cloak of darkness made it easier to relax, to let herself fall into the fantasy.

"Kiss me. I want to feel those lips beneath mine," he said.

Her hand slid up his chest and she found his cheek in the darkness. Her lips brushed over his cheek before she found his lips. She could feel her cheeks heating with embarrassment. His warm, slightly sweet breath puffed over her lips. She lapped at his lips, tracing their shape with her tongue.

His mouth opened beneath hers and suddenly he wasn't a passive participant. His arm cradled her back as his mouth slanted across hers aggressively. She tasted sweet spice as his tongue drove into her mouth.

With the unremitting black surrounding them every sound, every touch seemed sharper, more intense. At least that's what she tried to tell herself when her senses went wild at the feel of his lips and tongue. Her hands stroked over the soft cloth at his shoulders. His shoulders shifted beneath her hands and a deep moan rolled against her lips.

She felt his hand brush against her thigh and drew in a sharp breath as tingles danced over her skin. The nipping sting of his teeth on her lip distracted her from the path of his fingers over her stomach.

"You taste good, deliciously sweet. I want to see if you taste that way all over." He placed kisses along her jaw.

Her mind automatically supplied images of his mouth trailing over her breasts, her belly and lower. She shivered and felt liquid coating the lips of her pussy. By the great Prishu, she wanted to feel his lips and tongue everywhere. She shifted in his lap, leaning into him.

His hand cupped her breast, his thumb circling the hard nipple. "You have perfect breasts. Can I touch them without the cloth?"

"Oh yes," she answered on a sigh and her hands dropped to her shirt and began unfastening it.

His fingers traced along the underside of her breast. His fingertip felt warm and slightly rough. Flutters of sensation followed his touch to the upper swell of her breast. His thumb flicked over the hardened peak a moment before he took the distended nub between his fingers. Her back arched as sensation shot straight to her core.

The feeling was so intense that she didn't notice the absence of his warm breath over her lips until she instead felt it against the base of her neck. His teeth grazed her collarbone. She shivered as his kisses and nips marked a trail down her neck. She never knew whether she'd feel his lips, tongue or teeth and that made her arousal more intense with each touch.

When his mouth closed over her nipple, she moaned and her hands slid up his chest and around his neck. One large hand slid down her belly, pausing to circle her navel with teasing fingers. She wriggled at the prickling tingles the touch drew and groaned with regret as her nipple slipped from his lips.

His hand cupped her pussy in a bold claiming at the same moment that his tongue flicked her nipple. She jerked, feeling as if a hot brand of intense pleasure seared through her. Her body trembled and she knew she was only a few breaths away from an intense climax.

A bright light flashed, lancing across her eyes and momentarily blinding her. She lifted a hand and scowled at the offending beam. She could have cheerfully hit the man behind that light. Her frustration sizzled over raw nerve endings, leaving an empty ache.

"Looks like I came at a bad time." Commander Amon set the light on the floor to the side and changed the setting to a less blinding one. He put an extra unlit lamp just to the right.

Revisions, upcoming releases

To all the dads out there. Happy Fathers Day.

I'm still working on the revisions of Lisia's Journey, but I think I've finally gotten around whatever it was that was giving me problems. I still don't know what it was, but I'm happier, more satisfied with it now than I was before. There have been some major changes to the ending and I have maybe one to one and half more days of completing the last of the additions and cleaning it up one last time. (Wiping sweat off forehead.) I can't remember any WIP ever giving me this much trouble in revisions.

I've been working on Fated Choices (a M,M,F menage in the Sword and Sorcery series started with In Sorcery's Hold). I love these characters even though their not so easy to write sometimes. Making Magic has also been geting some time. I've been getting into the head of one of the villains, not a viewpoint chararcter. He's really not the type of character I enjoy getting to know. Eeew, the guy makes me want to shower sometimes just to get the sleaze off. I'll be working on Close Contact soon. I want to get back to that werewolf and his untrained witch and they've got a vengeful villain to catch.

With all of that bouncing around my brain you'd think I wouldn't have time to think about much else. Just when I'm trying to concentrate on actual writing, I get the greatest ideas. An ad came on the other night and it had a wolf on it, guess where my mind went. And just about anything with outerspace is sure to get me thinking about hunky aliens. Here's something to make you smile.

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A bit of flash and more...

It's been too long since I've posted here. So I'm adding a little flash fiction to the end of this post.

I should finish my newsletter in a day or two. I'm doing fairly well on Making Magic as well as getting some work done on my other WIP and am also working on revisions for Lisia's Journey. With any luck and some hard work, I should be finishing that in the next few days. This scene is giving me some very interesting ideas for a book. I call it the Hunter. Click the link or the post title to read it. I'm stil working on getting this widget to work right. Here's the flash.

A low rumbling growl floated through the night air seeming to reverberate off the walls of the buildings near the edge of the small border town. Nina threw a glance over her shoulder, half afraid of what she'd see. The flickering yellow light of the street lamp didn't reveal the predator on her trail.

Fuck! Could the day get any worse? She'd thought she'd managed to sneak away without anyone noticing. It was all her own fault; she should never have gone near him. She quickened her pace and reached up to flick a thick strand of black hair out of her eyes. Her only hope was to put enough distance between them.

One simple night of sex with a man with a gorgeous hard body. Lady, had she enjoyed it. Almost all night long. She didn't need the possessive male crap. The man seemed to work on an instinct level when it came to her. She wouldn't put anything past him, not even dragging a woman off by her hair.

A rolling chuff that sounded way to close to her shot a bolt of adrenaling through her. She didn't dare risk a glance over her shoulder. If he was close any hesitation could be the end. She heard a single footstep just behind her. Arms wrapped around her as the weight and momentum of the man sent her tumbling to the ground. Her breath expoded from her lungs as his weight crushed her. For a moment she felt his hard muscled body against her, his cock cradled between her buttocks. He crouched over her and flipped her onto her back.

Still gasping, her eyes locked with the deep brown gaze of her captor. One of his hands braced near her shoulder, the other cupped over her hip. His head lowered to her neck and he drew in a long breath. His tongue swirled over her neck.

"That was a good run little Keeper, but you didn't quite make it. You're still mine." His teeth scraped over her neck, just over the love bite he'd given her earlier.

She shivered. Her breasts swelled and desire formed a tight knot low in her stomach. His musky sent surrounded her, heightening her need. She pushed at his chest. She had to get away from him before she felt right back into bed with him.

He laughed softly. His hand slipped between her legs and cupped her pussy. The warmth of his hand seared through the fabric of her pants. She couldn't miss the possession in his expression or the hard ridge of his shaft pressing against his pants.

"My woman." He rose, tugging her up and tossing her over his shoulder in a swift motion. "I'll always come after you."