Chocolate and work.

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I saw a news item on MSNBC about a study on ... Chocolate! That's my kind of study. First thought was where do I sign up. But it's being done in England. Bummer.

On to what I've been doing in my looong absence from this blog. I've been writing. I'm making progress on Making Magic. Looking at the number of words I still have to write is still a little daunting. One of the new stories I'm writing is going very well, I can't seem to get the characters to shut up. But they are on a schedule so that I can work on Making Magic as well. This week I'll also be working on my newsletter. I missed last month. : (

Writing, frustration and progress

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

This pic appealed to me because the cat reminds me of my Sable kitty. He's a large cat and definitely not the most graceful of felines. He lands with an audible thump almost every time he jumps off of something. He's probably also not quite sure what his name is. He get's called big guy and assorted other things. I'd share a pic of him as he is now with you, in comparison to his normal size sister, but I need a knew memory card for the digital camera.

I've been working hard on writing, but March and April I haven't seemed to be able to get what I needed to get done. It's felt like I'm slogging through knee deep mud at times. Moaning and whining finished. I'm going to do what I can, and try not to stress over what I can't.

Writing goal wise I did fairly good this week and Sven is pleased, just under 9k. I'll be updating the totals on the sidebar asap. My new story is started, but most of my progress this week comes on Making Magic. I haven't suddenly jumped over 50k with it, but I've made some real progress with it and added a few details to the plot. A 100k still seems so far away, but I'm plugging along at it.

Writing, editing...

I've been really busy with edits and revision and just normal writing. So busy that I'd forgotten about a couple of things. I'll need to work on those projects this week. It's been one of those weeks that when I look back, I'm a little amazed at what I did get done in addition to the things that had to be done now.

I'll be adding another story to the WIP list soon. Right now I'm working on some character development for it. Yep, another one. Sometimes even I look at the number of things I'm working on and wonder, but it's how I work best. When something gets hot I do tend to focus on that one, but otherwise I move from one to the other.