Synopsis procrastination

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Synopsis... The word doesn't conjure up dread inside of me. It's just that it's not one of the easier, more enjoyable parts of writing. So I put it off for as long as possible. Today there's no putting it off. *I am procrastinating a bit as I write this, but I'm also online to grab a few of my synopsis resources.* I've finished the revisions of the chapters I need to send and all I need to do is work up a synopsis. A good synopsis. Sigh.

Sven's on my case because I keep forgetting to check in. I'm pretty much on track for my word count goal and am happy with that. Vampire's Witch is going to be over the 50k mark. I'm not sure how long it will go, but it's close to being finished.

Happy Easter

I've been working hard on getting the last scenes of Vampire's witch finished and revising Primal Encounter and Lisia's Journey. It feels like I can't get the words down fast enough and I'm half afraid that I'm going to lose something even though I've written down the basics of what I want to do with it.
As for Sven. Well, I've been making the word count goals for the most part, sometimes just barely. I hope to do better and get more words.

Five things

On one of my writer's loops I found a discussion about the five things a writer needs to focus on and I thought that's a great discussion. Of course by the time I found it, it was long over, but things happen, so I decided to make it a blog topic.

--First, keep writing. When you finish something, start a new WIP even while you're preparing it to send the first out to editors. Especially after you've sent something to an editor you need to be working on something. There's nothing worse on the nerves than the waiting.

--Set goals. Small daily ones and career goals. One of my goals is to write every day, even if it's just a paragraph.

--Read, both for your craft and relaxation.

--Write then edit. This is a must for me. I get to picky sometimes, looking for the right word and progress will bog down if I try to go proof my work as I go.

--Take time to relax. I know it kind of goes against one of my own goals, but sometimes you've got to take a day off. Burn out's bad. So is wrist pain so intense I couldn't type or even hand write for two weeks when my muse was throwing ideas at me.

In other news, I missed the first two check-ins for the Sweat but I'll catch them tomorrow. So far I'm doing good. I have around 13k for the Sweat total so far. I've been getting more done than I hoped. The only thing I haven't been doing so much is revising. I have two WIP that need to be revised and I have to find time to get to them too.

I also have a release date for Fire Princes' Bride. It will be hitting the e-shelves at Ellora's Cave on June 26.