Update on a week's work

I've been working hard this week. I wrote 10k and was surprised when I realised I had written that much. The words were just flowing so much that I hadn't realized how much I'd actually accomplished. I haven't loved everything I've written, but that's what revising is for. I've been working on the character backgrounds for Making Magic, but I haven't actually written much on it this week. I just want to get all the kinks out of that so maybe I can get really rolling on that soon.

Vampire's Witch is going great and Close Contact is moving along so I'm happy with it. In my spare time I've been spending some time on Facebook. I've just put a link on my sidebar.

I found a reference to the 70 Day Sweat and went to see when the next round started. I didn't know if wanted to join again, but once I got there I started thinking about what I wanted to get done in the coming months and signed up. I guess I'm a masochist cause this is my third time. : )Really, it's a great motivator. The weekly check-ins are a great way to keep track of your progress and the daily word count breaks it down into doable chunks. So if you've got a WIP you want to work on and feel like you need a little encouragement to get it done, the Sweat is a great way to get it done. It starts March 1st.

Male Body Language article

I'm always interested in articles about body language and this article gives five signs of whether he's into you and five that he's not. This article has been especially helpful. I found a book mentioned, I Can Read you like a book: How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending with Their Body Language by Greg Hartley, and I want to read it.

Ok, back to the article. It's the kind of things, you'd recognize when you see it. Well most of them. I'll admit I didn't recognize the rounded shoulders sign. But again back to what I want to say. These are the kinds of things that could easily get left out when you're writing. I try to put some key body language into my writing, but I'm always looking for ways to make it better.

I'll paraphrase the signs from the article that he's interested in a woman.
He steps closer to the woman.
His voice softens
When he's close to the woman, his posture rounds softens
He speaks slower.
His eyes are locked with the woman's.

Anyone got any other body language signals that would tell a woman he's interested in her. Or in this case help a writer convey that interest.

On the writing front, Vampire's Witch and Close Contact have been getting the majority of my attention, but I'm still getting some done on Making Magic and even a little progress is encouraging when the word count is large.

Have an absolutely fabulous week!

Writing, reading

I've been writing at a fairly good pace in the past week. My right wrist had been giving me a little trouble, aching, hurt to move it, but it seems better now. I've been working primarily on Vampire's Witch and Close Contact.

I've probably mentioned James Frey's The Key on this blog before. If I haven't let me tell you, I absolutely love this book. I was having a hard time with one of my characters, Jackson from Making Magic. He just wouldn't open up. I remembered that there was a section in there on creating a character bio.

Since I'm mainly a pantser I hadn't gotten too in depth with his history during my first pass before I started the story. I wanted to just let his past and his problems unfold during the story. That obviously didn't work out like I wanted and expected. He's been holding the story back, so I obviously had to know more about him.

Well, I'm learning more about him now and I'm doing a bio for Ally. I already know quite a bit about her, but since this is going to be a long book, I decided I'd better be prepared. ; )

Flirting, cover goodness and Facebook

I came across an interesting article on MSN. Fun flirting facts. First off, in the body of number 10, I didn't know fish flirted. That made me smile and sent some very interesting images through my head. And second # 6, the fans, I always suspected that those fans held by Victorian ladies were used for more than keeping them from fainting. Third, # 3, illegal flirting, I wonder if some hard-nosed, or maybe ticked off, cop has recently enforced those laws.

I've been spending some time over at Facebook lately. If you're a member, find me.

I am Legend

I recently saw it. Spoilers will probably follow. For the most part, I loved it. I had some doubts that a single actor could carry an entire movie. Will Smith did an awesome job and I walked out of the theater pretty much wowed. I loved the scenes of post-apocalyptic New York.

I would have liked a little more background about Robert Neville and more backstory. I also thought that they made the infected humans were a bit too obviously cg and were a little unbelievable--strength, speed.

But none of these things detract from the fact that I was pretty much glued to my seat during the movie. Imo, a great movie and well worth the price of admission.

A lazy week for me

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I've been trying to recover from a flu that hit me late last week. blech. Hacking cough, fever, and assorted other symptoms wiped me out. I got very little work actually done.

But I did find this: Primal Quest. That picked my spirits up. I hadn't realized it had been released yet!