And today's total is

I'm running behind for the check-in today, but I have been busy. I've written 5704 words since Sunday's check-in, all of it on the WIP I moved up after finishing Lisia's Journey. Close Contact is going good. Right now, I'm in a spot where I really know what's going to happen. Since I majorly changed the villain and the plot behind the I had to start from the beginning, but I'm happy with the progress especially since I'm working on edits and a newsletter now.

70 Day Sweat Goal
64624 / 90000 (71.80%)

Sven check-in

With Thursday and Friday off, I did fairly good, not great. I wrote 2994 words. So Sven's not yelling at me too much. Just reminding me that I do have some words to make up from earlier in the week. I still have a bit to write on today's word count so I'd better get to it and make a start on the edits I got from my editor.

70 Day Sweat Goal
58920 / 90000 (65.47%)

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to stop by tonight and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I've got so much to be thankful for. A family who loves me. A chance to share the characters who fascinate me with others. Great friends.

And because I learned tonight that my cat likes pumpkin pie, here's this cute lolcat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweat Update

I didn't do so well since Sunday. I only wrote about 2100 words since Sunday. I'm not unhappy about that. At least I did get something written and it's been one of those blah weeks. I'll make up the words I'm behind in the week or so after the day off for Thanksgiving.

I'm almost finished with Lisia's Journey. I have the final scene to write and then I'll put it to the side while I rewrite Guarded Beginnings. Then I'll start working on Close Contact.

70 Day Sweat Goal
55926 / 90000 (62.14%)

Sweating update

Word count wise I did okay since Wednesday. I added 6009 words to my total. I lost about half a day when sinus problems hit and the medecine I took made me feel foggy and unfocused.

I'm getting very close to finishing the last scenes of Lisia's Journey. Made a couple of breakthroughs this week on that story as well as just pushed through a spot that gave me some trouble. After some thought, I worked out a problem I had on Making Magic and will definitely have to come up with a different title because the focus has shifted in the story.

Right now, I'm trying to find pictures of my hero and heroine in Vampire's Witch to give me some inspiration when I'm working on it. I'll post them here when I find a match to my hero and heroine and tell you a little about them.

70 Day Sweat Goal
53742 / 90000 (59.71%)


I took a day off earlier this week so my wordcount for this check in isn't amazing, but I feel much more relaxed. 3287 words written so far this week. I still feel like I'm making great progress.

I'm working on Lisia's Journey again, but I just started today. I'm pushing through a trouble spot now and making it work. I know this part will need to be fixed, reworked somehow, but I can't wait for inspiration to strike. I'm going to make it work.

I did some character and plot development for Making Magic(working title will change). I needed more for a 100k book. I know a lot of it will develop as I write, but I felt I needed to know more about my hero and heroine before I began.

70 Day Sweat Goal
47733 / 90000 (53.04%)

Guarded Beginnings, recharging

As I mentioned earlier, I finished the first draft of Guarded Beginnings. I'm feeling a bit relieved but also a little sad. I really like Denise and came to like Davik and Camin. I might just take a day or so off from everything before I get into the rewrites for this, recharge a little. I've been a little amazed at how great I've been doing, how much I've been producing, but I'll admit that some of the stuff has been majoryly forced and just blah.

If you haven't seen it, there's a great post on the need to recharge over at the 70 days blog. When I need to recharge, I usually first reread one of my favorite jokes/stories, The Angry Squirrel. I got that joke in the email and saved it, because it was just so funny. Then I'll relax, now in a much better mood, read a book, play videogames, or watch tv. What do you do when you need to recharge?

Sunday Check-in

It's been a good week. Total words since Wednesday--6281. I finished Guarded Beginnings just today. I'll begin rewrites on this one in a day or two. Since I was stuck so long in the middle of it, the beginning of it will seem new.

I'll be moving the paranormal contemporary up next--tentatively titled--Making Magic. I'm looking forward to this one. Just from their background, I know the hero and heroine are going to have more than a few fights. Lots of chemistry and tension between them. They come at things from completely opposite positions.

70 Day Sweat Goal
44446 / 90000 (49.38%)

Update and more

This week has been a little bit rough, but I did get 5277 words written. The last two scenes for Guarded Beginnings have been giving me trouble. I'm pushing through the trouble. It just seems so blah right now. I already have a few ideas about how to fix the problems, a few ways to change the scenes around, make it more dynamic, but I want to finish before I go back and start fixing things.

The Sweat is going great and I'm meeting my daily goal, sometimes more. When I look at that graph, I can hardly believe that I'm doing so good, that I've already written over 38k.

70 Day Sweat Goal
38165 / 90000 (42.41%)

Hunk Time

Two more inspirational hunks! And boy do they inspire me.

In writing news, I started what I think will be the last scene in Guarded Beginnings. I'll just have to see if the characters want it to be the last scene. It feels great to be able to see the end of the book even if I will be working on it again soon.
I'll post more here later today when I do the Sweat check in.

Sweating Update

I did fairly good for the last of the week. I wrote 6091 words. I'm making progress on finishing the two other WIP that I'd wanted to finish before I got deep into the new stories. I've been working most on Guarded Beginnings.

So far the 2nd sweat has been great for my output. My habit of going back and editing as I write and looking for the exact right word has almost faded. I'm not racing to my goal, but I'm more than satisfied with my progress. I know I'll have some work to do when it I finish and rewrite it. I'm at 36%!

70 Day Sweat Goal
32888 / 90000 (36.54%)

Characters and too much

I love it when good characters pop into my head...generally. I've been thinking about the next book in the Elemental Realms series for a while. ( Well, there is one character in the realms that I've known about and will get to, but not now. The story needs time to grow and I wanted to tell about a few other areas in my Elemental Realms first.)

Tonight, the next characters in that series came storming into my head. I absolutely love them! The hero is a Lord in the Aevian Realm and the heroine, the daughter of a line of Kings in the Teiran Realm. I want to start writing this story right now, but I'm pretty much writing on as many stories as I can handle.

But bursts of inspiration aren't to be ignored. And I really love these characters. I might use this story as a sort of spacer, something to give me a little breathing room occasionally. But only after I've met my word count on my Sweat projects. Honest. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sweat update coming up later. And maybe some hunky inspiration.