Wednesday Check-in

I did all right this week so far. I met my goal and have written some things I like. I've also been working on my newsletter for this month. It's late again. I get it out every month, but sometimes it's later than I'd like. It should be going out later tonight after I've given it a final go through.

The story in Guarded Beginnings is coming along very nicely and I've made some significant progress on Lisia's Journey. I'll be working on that more tonight. I think there might be another 5 or 6k left to write on that story, but it should be finished soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can get done the rest of the week.

70 Day Sweat Goal
26797 / 90000 (29.77%)

Happy Halloween

Sunday Check-in and update

On Friday, I finished the last scene in Primal Encounter. Yay! That felt great. Since last check-in, I wrote 5516 words. I've made great progress on Guarded Beginnings and started Vampire's Witch, the working title of the story set in the Devon's Vix world.I'm really sweating out the words and liking most of them. They don't always come easy, but I'm motivated and focused on my goals.

I'll set Primal Encounter aside for a little while. I want to finish Guarded Beginnings, clean it and get the last chapter of that to my editor since he's had the first three chapters for a while. I'd gotten stuck on Guarded. I'm just glad that I'm finally making significant progress on it.

70 Day Sweat Goal
22877 / 90000 (25.42%)

Another bit of Inspiration

Here's a few quotes I found that inspired me.

Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters. ---Neil Gaiman

Being a real writer means being able to do the work on a bad day. --Norman Mailer

Writers are made, not born.--Ayn Rand

And if the quotes don't do it for you, maybe he will--

Wiping the Sweat off my brow

I've been really busy writing in the last few days. I've done a little work on all three of the active manuscripts. I'm beginning the last scene of Primal Encounter and should be finished in the next few days. Yay! I'm already working on Lisia's Journey and Guarded Beginnings. When I complete PE, I'll put it to the side and move another of the stories I'm working on for the Sweat and begin working on it. Choosing which one to start won't be easy.

70 Day Sweat Goal
15660 / 90000 (17.4%)

I didn't tally up how much I wrote since Sunday until today. I couldn't believe how much I'd written. 5822 words. I'd known I was more than meeting my goal each day, but I hadn't realized extra that was.

Progress Update

I was going to do hunky inspiration first, but blogger's pic upload tool seems to be having problems. I'll try it again later, but progress report time for the sweat.

Sweat progress till now:

70 Day Sweat Goal
9838 / 90000 (10.93%)

Progress since Wednesday:
3894 words on Primal Encounter
2045 words on Guarded Beginnings

I'm so pleased with the progress. There have been a couple of days when I haven't made the word count, but on the following days I made up the words I missed and more.

Hunky Inspiration

I really like the muscles on this guy.

This guy has that bad boy, fighter thing going on and it's sooo sexy!
These guys really do inspire me.

A little research, some inspiration and Sweating

I've been keeping myself busy. I had to do a bit of research online, hunting for primitive demolition techniques for a possible scene in Primal Encounter. Most of what I found portrayed to battle and siege warfare. I was a little bummed about that, but as I thought about it, I realized the information was what I needed. I'm dealing with warriors here, not carpenters or builders. Their knowledge of how to destroy a building would come through battle.

The Sweat's going great so far and there are some great inspirational articles over there. Diana Peterfreund's entry is absolutely great. I have to admit it does take me a little while to get into the story I'm going to work on. Rereading the last bit of what wrote, going over my notes usually helps. Jaci Burton's entry is all about forgetting the excuses and distractions, how little time you have to write, making the most of what you have and going after what you want most. And how much you want it. Absolutely what I needed earlier when I was tempted to slack off and spend the day web surfing, because nothing seemed to be going right. So here I am with my goal met for the day and working on a blog entry. Thanks so much, Jaci! And I'm not done for the day. I'll be adding a little more to my total before I sleep tonight.

Before I get back to my WIP, I wanted to share how the Sweat's helped me so far. It's not just in the flow of words although those have seemed to be coming a little easier at times. I've been working mostly on Primal Encounter for the last 5 or 6 days and I've seen a surprising turn in my heroines character during that time. I thought I knew this Dari. I hadn't done a full character profile for her, only a partial because I felt I had a grip on her character and what she would do as well as having no problems, but if I had it wouldn't have included anything like this. So thank you Sven and the Sweat that helped me find this facet of her before the second draft.

I'll post my total tomorrow and maybe some pictorial inspiration.

First Sweating Check-in

This is my first check-in for this round of the Sweat and let me tell you I did sweat. 3944 words! Woohoo! and I'm still writing! I feel really good about it so far the words have just seemed to flow. Most of my progress was on Primal Encounter, Dari's story. It's going to go over the 50k I projected, would already be over but I cut about 3k a week ago when I realized I was taking it in a wrong direction. The characters are happy, I'm happy and right now Sven's happy. It feels so good. The little I didn't write came on Guarded Beginnings another of the stories I'm trying to finish. I got a good scene set up and will take it from there.

Pics and goals

I told you I'd be back once I found suitable pics for the heroes for Guarded Beginnings. Well, I finally did. The pic directly below looks a lot like Davik.
Davik wasn't an easy character to learn to like. He's brash, demanding and too arrogant. He had a definite history, but his determination to make Denise happy won me over.
This is how I picture Camin.

Now Camin's not what you'd call gorgeous, but he's super sexy. He too had an uneasy history with the heroine. He just wasn't as brash or demanding as Davik. Camin's very different from Davik. He's more likely to use charm than demands to get what he wants.

Now onto my goals. I'm going to put a list of what I plan to do for the Sweat here. It's a lot and I don't expect to finish all of it because the word count if I did would be more than the 85-90k that I'm aiming for, but just getting a good start on it would be wonderful.
  1. Finish Guarded Beginnings
  2. Finish Lisia's Journey
  3. Finish Primal Encounter (I'm adding this because I'm not finished with it yet)
  4. Unnamed vampire story set in the Devon's Vix world
  5. Rework Close Contact, were related to the Devon's Vix world--Adam and Geneva-- basically starting from zero there
  6. unnamed paranormal contemporary

I'll get through the top three first. Primal Encounter is the closest to be finished, but I know more of what's going to happen in Guarded Beginnings. I should get maybe 35k out of finishing those. I expect the vampire story to be about 50k, the were probably 20-30k maybe more. The contemp paranormal should easily go 70k on just what I know now. It's going to be a busy few months for me.

Sweating again and more

I've signed up for the 70 Day Sweat again. It runs from Oct. 15 through Jan. 15. Over 70 days, but there are days in there for the holidays. The first Sweat helped me establish a good habit. I want to reinforce that and I absolutely love the atmosphere of the Sweat. I'll be working on Lisia's Journey as well as several others during the Sweat. I'm going for 85-90k this time.

I'm working on Primal Encounter, trying to get it finished, before the Sweat. I'm nearing the climax of that story, but there are a few things I'm concerned about with a secondary character, but I'll fix those in the second draft or at least try to. This character is one I can't write out, but I'm afraid that his issue is going to steal the show from the hero and heroine of this book.

I'm also getting some work done on Guarded Beginnings. While I'm doing that I'm working on the bible/handbook I use as a guide for Arcein universe, updating it and making sure that what I'm writing fits with what's in the guide. I love that thing. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt stops me from having to go back and fix mistakes.

I just had an ooh moment! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI'm going through some pic's looking for men who look like the heroes that I've written and I just saw this pic of a guy that looks almost exactly like the villain in Guarded Beginnings. My villain has some definite issues, but he doesn't look evil. He's dressed a little too nicely for the merc my villain is, but this guy suits my image of him exactly.

As soon as I find some good pics that look like the heroes of Guarded Beginnings I'll post them.