Character Pic.-- Denise

I thought I'd give you a peak at one of my charaters.

This is Denise Arensal--once known as Aeva. Well, very close to her. She's the heroine of the story I'm working on in the Second Chance universe. I'm not finished with it yet, but so far it's going really well.

Don't let the sweet look fool you. Although she might look all nice and soft, this woman knows how to take care of herself. In fact, she usually can be found making sure others don't end up in the hands of the companies behind the experiments that had created her.

Her life leaves her little time for a social life and her work makes that even harder. She can't afford to trust many people. Especially with her latest assignment. Protecting a Second Gen man and his sister who have both become a target for assassination because of their knowledge of one of the companies. Protecting a man who doesn't like taking orders from anyone and a woman who doesn't see that there's any threat is driving her to exhaustion. The situation can't get any worse, can it?