Body Language


Body language, everyone uses it, and your characters can say so much without saying a word.

I thought I'd share a few sites I've found helpful in my writing lately. All of these deal with body language. The first provides a few examples. It's a short list. Here's the Nonverbal dictionary, it's got a huge number of entries and I haven't gone through all of them. And finally, a little on flirting body language.

Have you found any helpful sites lately?

New Website and more


I've been a little busy lately. My latest newsletter is out. I had a website designed by Diana at Wolfden Creations. I absolutely love it. Click here if you'd like to see it. I'd love to hear any comments.

Onto the more, I sold another book to EC. Between Two Tiron, formerly titled Shifting Fate, also formerly titled Finding Home, has been offered a contract. It's been a great month.