Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday!

I'm thankful for so many things this year.

I have a wonderful supportive family who revel in my successes and cheer me up when I've had a set back.

Aside from a recent cold, I've been healthy this year.

My first book and my second came out this year and I'm so greatful for my success with that and the recent sale of another to Ellora's Cave.

I'm very thankful for my readers. Everytime I get a letter from someone saying they enjoyed my books, it practically makes my week.

The News

I teased all of you with the fact that I had some good news. Now, I intended to post this a few days after I'd posted the teaser, but I caught a cold. My time on the internet since then has been brief and involved only the necessities. Well, I'm over most of the cold and back hard at work.

On to the good news that I promised---I've been offered a contract for Fire Princes' Bride from Ellora's Cave. So, I'm going to have a new cover to share with you. There will be some changes to make, but I'm so excited! I'm still doing my happy dance.


PS: If you'd like to enter a contest I have one up on my website.

Review goodness

I'll have some great news coming soon, but not just yet. I just got the news today. My newsletter is a little late, but I should have it out to the subscribers soon--maybe two days. They'll get the news first.

But on the review front, my sister found a great review from Romance Junkies that I hadn't even known about. So here it is:

5 Ribbons
Reviewer Bella Marie

Dreaming about two sexy men who want to ravage her isn't exactly a hardship, but Laci Trion is in for the shock of her life when she awakens, bound at their feet. Reality isn't quite as pleasant as her fantasy-world at first, especially when her captors accuse her of being in league with an enemy intent on destroying them. As a genetically-engineered hybrid, half-human, half-alien herself, Laci is after the same foe. Darion and Alek are First Generation creations, and Laci is Third Generation. They're similar, yet different in many ways. One thing's for sure, though. When it comes to sexual compatibility, the three of them come together naturally.

It doesn't take long for Laci to realize she's in over her head, especially when Darion and Alek insist she's their long-lost mate. She has memories of a past life, of belonging with the two of them, but the woman she used to be is very different from the woman she's become. She doesn't want to be that woman, but her feelings toward these two men tell her she's meant to be theirs. Can they find common ground, or will Darion and Alek's possessive natures drive Laci away and ruin their Second Chance?

In SECOND CHANCE, Ms. Aires has created a spectacular futuristic romance. Darion and Alek are bold, courageous men who would do anything for their mate. Any woman would love to be in Laci's place, being admired and fawned over by two gorgeous men. Yet her apprehension is also understandable, especially as she discovers threads of truth about her past. Each one of the three main characters is extremely well developed, adding an extra level of believability to the relationship.

Individually, Laci, Darion and Alek are wonderful, but together, they're spectacular. The chemistry between them sizzles from the first page, and never lets up. In addition, the futuristic world Ms. Aires has created is also remarkably structured and beautifully detailed. The rich history and cultural detail with which the author imbues each scene is breathtaking. For a futuristic erotic romance you won't easily forget, look no further than SECOND CHANCE.

Did any of you hear my squee?