I know I've been a bad blogger

Missing for seventeen days without a word. But there is a reason. I've been madly, fanatically working on finishing something and well. I've been focused to say the least. Also I've been writing like crazy on my dragon-vampire. No not finished yet, but coming along nicely. Some battle scenes have been giving me a little trouble lately.

The heroine wants to blaze through them, kicking butt and walking away unscratched. Keira's tough and experienced in fighting her enemies. She doesn't understand why she should have any trouble even when outnumbered. I've had to tell her again and again that if I let her do that all of the time that there won't be any suspense, any tension, that she has to actually be in danger. (Shakes head and shrugs.)

Keira doesn't buy that. There are only two things that cause this woman to pause. Yeah, you got it right--the heroes: Rath, the dragon and Damen, the vampire.

But now that I've found some free time, I've installed my latest new toy, the chatterbox.

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Release Day!

I'm working on getting the newsletter ready for tomorrow. I look up and I see the clock. It's October 4th! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Release day for Second Chance! Okay, technically, it won't release until later in the morning, but it's still a thrill. I'm so excited. I'm also a little nervous. I absolutely loved writing Laci, Alek and Darion.

Second Chance
ISBN# 1-4199-0776-X
Ellora's Cave Publishing

They’re the men of her dreams, literally—but now Laci awakens to find herself naked at the feet of the two sexy men who have been haunting her fantasies. She had thought they were just her imagination’s way of dealing with the loneliness of her hard life—as a human-alien hybrid created by a corrupt bureaucracy of scientists, Laci has been devoting most of her time to hunting down her enemies. But these men are very real, and so are the shackles they’ve placed around her wrists.

Alek and Darion have been searching for Laci for years. Yet from almost the moment she speaks, they know she’s different from the woman they remember. Their hunger and deep love for her overpowers them both. They won’t let her run from the truth—or from them.

Laci must face a past she never knew in order to deal with the two men in her present. Alek and Darion must get to know their mate all over again and gain her trust. And the three of them must stay out of reach of their creators, who are just waiting to strike.

Note: This book contains male/male sexual interaction.

Now, I've got to get the newsletter ready so that I'll just have to put in the winners of my website contest and newsletter contest before I send it out. Oh and get some sleep.

Happy reading,