Just a quick update

Okay, it was a very busy week for me. And I hope to be just as busy this coming week.

I sent out the first edition of my newsletter , featuring two excerpts and the first chapter (well, actually the prologue) of a free story. For a couple of days I was frantic finishing up the final touches on that. For anyone whose interested, here's the link to my newsletter group: Hot Temptations

I've also been working on Lost Memories and the rewrites of Primal Passion (that's the second in the Zarain shapeshifter series). Just a few more chapters to go on Lost Memories and some basic clean up. Woohoo!

Oh and I haven't even shared my banner on my own blog. So here it is.

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Yummy eye candy

For your delectation, two guys who certainly piqued my interest.

Don't you just want to nibble on his neck, before moving on to explore other interesting parts.

Okay, I do like the suit and I love the lips and the cleft in his chin, but the winning factor in this picture is that five o'clock shadow. (Shiver) The rasp of a beard, yum.