I'm here!

It's been a little longer than I planned since I last posted. I plan to be online more in the next month. Some of that will be for research, but I also intend to try to make it onto a couple of the loops in the afternoons and evenings.

As for my WIPs, still working on the dragon-vampire menage, I'm somewhere in the middle of it. Lost Memories, still working on it. As for the clean up on the second in the Zarain shapeshifter series, I'm reworking the beginning from a different point of view. A few times, I've been tempted to just put it aside and start fresh, but the story is worth saving. And I'm close to naming that dratted thing. I've got it narrowed down to two choices. whistle

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mother's out there: Have a very Happy Mother's Day.

Celebrate! Enjoy your day!


Okay, I've been doing some work on the blog. I decided that it needed a new look. I found a couple that I absolutely loved.

I think I've got everything transferred over from the old template. It took much longer than I had expected.fried

As for writing, I've been very busy. The dragon-vamp menage is perking along and the rewrites of the second Zarain are still going slowly. I just wish I could think of a name for that book!please

It's been a busy week and it's only Wednesday-well, almost Thursday. Until now, I've had very little time to do more than check my email. I sent in my first proposal. The moment I hit send I was a little nervous about it. What if all of the ideas will just fade into nothingness?

So far that hasn't happened and I'm actually making progress. Huge sigh of relief.
And just because I feel like it.
Gorgeous Guy in the Water
I do love the occasional bit of eye candy.