Spring has hit Texas and with it balmy temperatures. Now, I'll take being hot over being cold any day, but I'd love some rain.

I've been keeping busy, but if you'll notice my word meter hasn't been moving on Reunion. I've been working on my dragon-vampire menage as well as rewrites so Mace and Honie have been sadly neglected, but I hope to be getting back to them soon.

I have a wonderful new idea, but I'm valiantly resisting the urge to work on it. I might write more than one story at a time, but I do have limits. Keeping the characters from four stories straight is more than I can handle. The sheer volume of character voices in my head would drive me insane. But I'm not taking any chances on losing that storyline. I'm writing down every thing I know about the characters and the back story. So those two are going to have to wait their turn--but I don't think they're going to handle it gracefully.


Okay, this is probably setting a bad example, but a few of my characters have been bugging me to talk about them on the blog. I tell them 'Later, not now, I have something planned.' This week, they've been persistent.

One of them even had the temerity to point out that I was looking for a blog topic and I had promised more on my characters. But I wanted to start with Mace and I haven't been able to find a picture that looks even a little like him! Mace hasn't been bothered me. He's been behaving.(Frowning as I look over my shoulder-unlike someone else.)

I'd like to introduce Alek Teyan, one of the heroes from Second Chance.

Vital Stats:
Hair: Dark Red, short, spiky
Eyes: Golden
Skin: Light gold brown
Can't forget his ears, they're pointed, but unfortunately elf-eared buff guy pictures can be a little hard to find.
Title: Jatohn - He shares this title with Darion Malan. Translated Jatohn is captain, but also means leader of the clan and much more.

Alek's priorities are first protect his people and second find his woman. His loyalty is to his link brother and his clan. Events have changed him into a more intense, darker personality. (Read demanding and dominating) The right woman could bring out the tease in this man.