Long absence

I've been practically nonexistant on the web lately. Not entirely my fault. My ISP which shall remain nameless has been giving me trouble. Until recently, all I could do was read my mail. I couldn't do anything important. NO sending mail, no posting on my blog, no responding to posts, no updating my website. Many frustrating exchanges with support people later, I can post, but the page doesn't load right. But just being able to communicate is a blessing. Sometimes I feel like such a tech moron.
But in my absence I have been writing. I've been working on both revisions to finished WIPs and my new stories. You'll be hearing more about that soon. I do have some exciting news. I'm doing an interview with JERR for their upcoming newsletter along with Candie Keane and Denise Rossetti. I'm so excited. Jumping up and down excited!

Update and info

My WIP Reunion is progressing... slowly, but I'm not bummed. The reason it's going slowly is that the heroes in my dragon-vamp fantasy menage have stepped up and demanded attention. It's hard to say no to two men who can send you to an alternate dimension just for a few kicks. Umm, don't want that. Hard to write from an alternate dimension.

Now on to a little bit of info about the Zarain shapeshifter WIP. It's still untitled, but I am working on the revisions. I thought I'd introduce you to the characters from this book and tell you a little about it. The story is set in the same time and realm as Primal Quest, but on different worlds.

Zaden Arcinian is one of the characters from Primal Quest. He's an Achan and I had no trouble knowing what he wanted to do when I was writing the story. Zaden told me exactly what he'd do in a situation--or what he wouldn't do.

His heroine, Tara Sedai, is a High Indiri healer. She has the abilities within her to heal injuries with merely a thought. She's been sent to help find an isolated world that will shelter High Indiri from persecution. She's not looking for even a one night stand.

There are still some major revisions to do before I show this to Nick, but I'm excited about what I've done. I plan to do other stories with a few characters from Primal Quest--at least one concerning one of the women from Caidi's pack-- as well as introduce you to a few other beings from this realm. Those stories will have to get in line and wait.

In general, it's been a wonderful week-aside from some nagging sinus problems. I've received some great feedback about Primal Quest. Hence the good mood even with a sinus headache from hell. And thanks to my sister, I have a wonderful new idea for a contest--a name my group contest. I'm going to be putting that up on my site sometime this weekend.

Primal Quest Released!

My first book is out there for readers to buy. A little scary, but exciting and thrilling and wonderful. I couldn't be happier. I've been walking around with a perpetual smile on my face.

Now, I have to get back to work writing. I'm sure Nick will be sending me the second round of edits on Second Chance soon and I want to get as far into my current WIP as possible before I have to focus on edits.

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