What I'm working on at this moment

I thought I'd give you a little update about what I'm doing. I'm in edits on Second Chance. Everything on my WIP page at my site is finished, but. . . Finding Home needs a little character development and maybe a new title, the vamp menage is still untitled and the heroine is bugging me (She seems a little whiny), and the second in the Zarain shapeshifter series needs a new beginning (it drags). As for The Fire Princes' Bride, Nick has the first chapters of that at the moment. I don't know if he likes it or not. Waiting is not easy.

As to what I'm actively writing. Step closer and I'll tell you. I'm just beginning a fantasy dragon/witch/vampire menage. No title yet, they generally come to me when I have them almost finished. And also I'm working on a short shapeshifter story. The hero and the heroine are of the Santir, the same species of shifter that's in Finding Home, but not related to that story. This particular tale has a title--Reunion. The smart-mouthed heroine has been giving the hero a lot of trouble--and I can't blame her. I know what he did and frankly I'd kick him.

Have a Happy (and Healthy) New Year!

On rejection letters

No, I haven't just been sent one of those nice "We're sorry, but . . ." letters. I recently sent in another submission to my editor and the waiting is killing me. It also made me think about how I felt the first time I received one of those lovely missives. This happened years before I'd discovered e-publishing and Ellora's cave.

I sent my wizardry fantasy 'masterpiece' to one of the New York publishers. Their reply took months, about six of them. After that wait, the rejection hit me hard.

I didn't write for two months. I almost gave up on becoming an author entirely. I began writing again, but I did it just to tell the stories bubbling inside of me. I couldn't stop myself from picking up a pen or sitting down at a keyboard and allowing the words to flow.

That first rejection was the worst-- partly because of the nonspecific reason for rejection in the letter and because that work was my 'baby.' At the time, I was certain that it was perfect. Now, I realize that it needed a lot of work.

With what I know now, I'm not surprised that it was rejected. It was one of my first completed works. Now, it's a long-term pet project. When I get time, I take it out and work on it, but that's not often.

I'd like to hear from all of the other authors, published and unpublished, about how they handled their first rejection.

Intro Post

Welcome to my blog! I'll talk about life, try to stay away from the flame inducing politics and religion, but there'll be stuff on writing. In fact, you'll probably be witness to some whining or grouching when things aren't going my way.

I have two books currently contracted with Ellora's Cave. Primal Quest--it will have a release date soon. My editor says that as soon as I get these last edits in, it should go to the line editors. As for Second Chance, I'm just starting edits on that one, but it will have a cover soon. Until then, I'll let you see the gorgeous cover for Primal Quest. Syneca did the artwork and it's gorgeous.