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Hi, I'd like to welcome my latest guest Libby Doyle.

Alexandra “Zan” O’Gara Lays Some Wisdom on the Rooks
By Libby Doyle, author of the Covalent Series


This goal of this document is to help agent trainees gain insight into the Bureau’s culture, and to learn how experienced agents have achieved success on the job.

From: Christopher Avondale

To: Alexandra O’Gara

Q: Why did you decide to join the FBI?

A: After my time in the Army, it seemed like the natural thing to do. I served three tours in Afghanistan. Even though I went to college after I got out, I don’t think I ever moved to the rhythms of civilian life. I like service. I was overjoyed when the Bureau accepted me. I love the strong sense of mission, the history, the camaraderie. I love to keep people safe.

Q: What was the most challenging part of your training?

A: Learning precision shooting. The weapons I used during my service weren’t exactly designed for accuracy. Lucky for me, my partner is the best shot in the Philadelphia field office. I’ve improved a lot since being assigned here.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of being an agent?

A: Learning to be patient. For example, I refused to let go of a case this past summer. We were notified when a park ranger found a human spleen in the bushes in Independence National Historical Park. We tested the DNA and ran it through the database and discovered that the spleen came from a body found that winter by the Philadelphia police. All its internal organs had been removed in some kind of sick ritual sacrifice.

My boss told me to leave the case to Philly PD because they found the body, but I wouldn’t let it go. I asked the boss for permission to pursue it on my own time, which he quite generously granted, but with limits. I blew past those limits. I didn’t listen.

We’re still embroiled in that investigation. In fact, we’ve discovered a snuff pornography ring that may involve human trafficking and murder, so I got lucky. The results glossed over my sins. But I should have explained things to my boss. I shouldn’t have gone behind his back. I need to regain his trust. I need to understand that this is large organization that moves in its own time. I work for the FBI. It doesn’t work for me.

Q: What advice would you give to new agents?

A: Learn whatever you can from the more experienced agents. During your first year, keep your damn mouth shut. If you’re certain you’re right, keep your damn mouth shut, because you don’t know anything and you’re probably wrong. Remember that the law and processes you learn from books are barely recognizable in the real world.

Q: Is work/life balance important to you? Have you managed to achieve this?

A:  That’s one of those things that is so subjective, I don’t know if my answer will have any value. Being an FBI agent is not an identity you shed when you leave the federal building at night. Sometimes, it’s an eight to six job. Other times you won’t see your friends for weeks. Stakeouts can seriously erode your hygiene habits and your sanity, but they often result in the apprehension of seriously evil people. When it happens, it’s all worth it.

You can have a life. I play in a rock-n-roll band. Nothing like pouring 120 decibels out of a set of Marshall stacks to relieve stress. I will say that the people in your life need to be understanding. I’ve had to cancel practices and gigs because of my job. As for romantic relationships, I’ll tell you the truth. This job is hell on relationships.

The Pain Season is available now at Amazon: goo.gl/O3MEfT, iBooks: goo.gl/JQIOHL, Barnes & Noble: goo.gl/sSNpSb, & Kobo: goo.gl/AHm51x. Although not a cliffhanger, The Pain Season is not a stand-alone novel. The story begins in The Passion Season and will continue in The Vengeance Season coming in 2017.

The Pain Season Blurb:


Tonight’s the night. Rainer Barakiel is going to tell me all his secrets. I thought I’d be excited, but I feel like someone shoved a knife into my gut.

Heh. Fitting, considering I met Rainer because of his expertise in edged weapons. The daggers used in that ritual sacrifice became our best lead thanks to him. What kind of omen is it, that I met the love of my life because someone found a human spleen in the bushes?

I didn’t expect someone like him. When he opened his door I couldn’t talk, I was so stunned. God, how I flirted with him. Hell of a way for an FBI agent to act. This whole relationship is a hell of a way for an FBI agent to act. I didn’t want to face that he was hiding things from me.

What if he has something to do with this murder?

I’m being paranoid. He’s denied being a criminal and I believe him. I don’t see how my instincts could be so wrong. He can’t be bad. He can’t.

He’s hiding things from me, but he loves me. I feel it. Maybe he didn’t expect to fall in love with me, but he did, and now he wants out. He’s going to confess, leave it all behind. For me.

I wonder, after he tells me all his secrets, will this become a wacky story we love to tell? Or a story I tell only to myself, alone in a stale-smelling apartment, stewing in pain? The story of how my heart got damaged beyond repair.

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, and explicit sex. Adults only, please. Although not a cliffhanger, this is not a stand-alone novel. The story began in The Passion Season, and will continue in The Vengeance Season.

Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction Fantasy
Science Fiction Romance


Amazon: https://goo.gl/O3MEfT

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Book Cover Link:  http://www.libbydoyle.com/uploads/3/4/9/3/34934654/the-pain-season-ebook_orig.jpg

 Excerpt – Autumnal Equinox – Chapter 1

Set up: Barakiel, a superhuman warrior from another dimension, has just killed a gang of demons who attacked Zan O’Gara, the woman he loves. This shocking introduction to his true identity made Zan run away, but not before she called 911 and made a stand against the demons. Being an FBI agent, she was armed. She killed two of the beasts, but the gunfire resulted in another 911 call. Barakiel became catatonic in the wake of an emotional scene with Zan. The police arrived, and were handled by Pellus, Barakiel’s trusted friend. Pellus is a traveler adept, a type of Covalent who can manipulate the properties of matter and energy.


In a few minutes, Pellus heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway. He looked through the peephole as two police officers emerged from their vehicles, one tall and fat, the other short and muscular. They looked around suspiciously. Pellus thought it best to play a frightened senior citizen, so he adopted the dry, gray hair and shriveled skin of an old human. He opened the side door.

“Officers. I am so glad you are here! I thought I heard gunfire.”

“Yes, sir,” the short one said, as the other headed to the main building and peered in the window. “We received a couple of emergency calls. A woman said she was being attacked at this address, then a few minutes later someone reported shots fired.”

“No woman lives here officers. Maybe she is somewhere nearby.”

“Did you see anyone in your yard?”

“No, but I was afraid to look out.”

“Could you tell where the shots were coming from?” the officer asked, as his tall colleague rejoined them.

“No, I am sorry. It was confusing. They seemed like they were coming from everywhere.”

The two of them stepped away to confer. They obviously didn’t think Pellus could hear them. The tall one told the short one that he couldn’t see anyone in the house. He said the owner was obviously rich, and that the place would appeal to a burglar or a home invader. They stepped back to Pellus.

“Are you sure you didn’t see anyone?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“Is this your place?”

“No. My nephew’s. I am watching it for him while he is away on a business trip.”

“Your nephew,” said the short one. He poked at a handheld device for a minute or two. “Uh, records show this place is owned by B&P Bridesburg, Ltd. What’s that?”

“My nephew’s company. His name is Rainer Barakiel.”

“Does he own a gun?”

“Not that I know of.”

“What’s with the get up?” asked the tall officer, pointing at Pellus’ brown robes.

“I am from Kyrgyzstan. This is how we dress at home.”

The officer frowned. “Mind if we look around?” he asked.

“Please do.” They headed toward the back of the main building, where the yard was sunk in darkness. Pellus followed. As they neared the edge of the building, the adept noticed goldish glints of color in the grass. For a moment, he was confused. Then he realized.

Shell casings from the gunfire!

He began to cough violently and stumble. The officers stopped walking. The short one grabbed Pellus’ arm.

“Are you all right, sir?”

Pellus waved him off and faced the back of the yard, his hand to his chest. He continued to cough and tremble. It gave him the chance to adjust his vision so he could see molecular structure of the cursed bits of metal against the structure of the grass and soil. He bent forward, pretending to catch his breath as he broke the bonds that held the metal in the form of shell casings. Tiny shards of metal remained in the grass.

I can only hope they do not notice. I have no time for anything else.

“Are you sure you’re all right, sir?” the short officer asked.

“Yes, please. Just give me a moment.”

Although it took much longer than Pellus would have liked, the short officer waited next to him, perhaps afraid he would keel over. The tall one walked over to the hedges that grew next to the compound wall and peered up at the elevated pipeline that ran along the south side of the property, a remnant of the chemical plant that had once operated there.

“I am sorry,” Pellus said when he had finished. “I will be fine. Do what you need to do.”


Libby Doyle is an attorney and former journalist who took a walk around the corporate world and didn’t like it. She escapes the mundane by writing extravagant yarns, filled with sex and violence. She loves absurd humor, travel, punk rock, and her husband. Discover more at http://libbydoyle.com/index.html

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A look at Branal abilities #excerpt #CapturingTheirFlame

The craziness of Thanksgiving got to me. My planned post about the Branal didn't get posted on the date I planned. So here it is.

The Branal are a group of paranormal people in the Stone Passions world. They were in part inspired by several types of the sidhe. The Leanan Sidhe inspired the Branal's ability to draw power, although the Branal aren't vampiric muses. Their ability with fire comes from elemental aspects of certain fairies.

The Branal move between their culture and the human culture, mixing with ease. Their powers begin to manifest in their teenage years, but they strengthen slowly so that the Branal have time to learn to control it.

While males exclusively rule the gargoyle, females can lead the Branal. At the start of Stone Passions series, a female leads the Branal in Stone Cliff. She's taking care of the group for her brother, but it isn't because she's related to him, it's because she's strong enough to hold the group in his absence.

The abilities of a Branal depend on the strength of the persons power.

Fire-They can call fire. Most of the time it's thrown or used to burn, but those with more strength can use it in different ways.
Light-If they've learned the ability, they can use it to light the way or temporarily (sometimes not so temporarily) blind an opponent.
Teleportation-The very strong can use this ability to move from place to place in an instant.
Energy drain- They can drain energy and use this to defeat the Appari.
They can return the souls of those the Appari have drained and stolen the essence.
They can twist (as in turn spiritual energy). The shift in energy flow can stun enemies. If the twisting is continued it can kill, but that's rare and a very drastic step.
They're physically strong and not fragile.
Those with enough strength and will, can project a spirit version of themselves in another place.

Here's an excerpt of Naomi using some of these abilities:

 The Appari backhanded the young man, knocking him to the ground. He fell and didn’t move, but the Appari didn’t advance on him. She turned to the woman she’d first attacked. As the being advanced, Naomi knew that she couldn’t let the thing get to her. She had to stop it before it took the woman’s life energy.

“Hey, you pale skinned hag, why don’t you come over here and try a taste of me.” She summoned the fire within her.

It pumped through her giving her a little confidence. She took slow steps forward, all too aware that she had no real idea what to do. The haggard being turned her head, but continued toward the woman. Naomi held her palm out flat and shot a bolt of fire toward the soul-stealing bitch.

The hot flame hit the woman. The smell of seared flesh carried on the wind. The Appari screamed and swung around to face Naomi. That did it. The creature lost its focus on the easy prey now.

Even if Naomi ran over, she might not get to the woman before the thing stole her soul. She had to stop it before it started drawing the spirit energy from her, and before the Appari fled. A body could only live so long without its spirit. A Branal or Gargoyle’s body would eventually die if the soul didn’t return to them.

“Be careful, Naomi.” Isaac’s words came to her as she approached the Appari.

Naomi didn’t shake her head, but wanted to look back at him. He wanted her to be careful while she fought a beast that could take her spirit. And he’d urged her to come over here and do this. It made no sense.

As her focus narrowed to the thing in front of her, her worries and fears fell away. She didn’t know how she’d do it, but she would kill this thing. Her body relaxed. She channeled her fire into the knife in her hand. The heat and fire were necessary. Claws could cut it, but the fire within its body hurt more.

The pain itself wouldn’t do much, but if she could hold it and hurt it enough, she should be able to take its energy. Hopefully, it didn’t have a soul within it. She didn’t know what to do with that either.
The Appari glared at her and swiped at her. Naomi jumped back, but lunged forward again. She swung her blade. It slashed across the being’s hip, drawing a screech from it.

A surge of exhilaration raced through her. She’d hurt it. A smile crossed her face. She hadn’t expected to do that yet. She hadn’t thought about what she was doing.

Capturing Their Flame is available for purchase at Siren Bookstrand!  http://www.bookstrand.com/book/capturing-their-flame

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Don't mess with the phone --Capturing Their Flame #MFRWbookhooks #excerpt

Today for book hooks I'd like to share a bit of a scene from Capturing Their Flame, my latest release. It came out on the 21st. I like this scene because I can so relate to Naomi here.

Setup: Naomi, a Branal, was caught at a theater in the gargoyle part of the city. Isaac and Neil have taken her back to their community. She's slipped away from them in the middle of the night and tried to escape. Neil caught up with her, took her phone, and destroyed it.

 She stared at the destroyed technology. Her heartbeat pounded. She could feel it hitting her chest as heat washed through her. Her fists bunched at her side.

She kicked at him. Her foot slammed into his shin. He gasped and spat out a curse.

“Son of a bitch, you don’t fucking destroy someone else’s things. Do you know how much stuff I had on that phone? I had notes for my classes on that, asshole. Getting me a new phone won’t replace those.”

  Naomi Hardin heads into Gargoyle territory to see a play without a second thought. She never expected to run into any Gargoyles, much less two men who claim she’s their mate. She’s drawn to the two Gargoyles but will escape from them. Although they’re gorgeous, she has plans for her life, and they don’t include biologically chosen mates.

Neil Conrad and Isaac Phillips are thrilled to discover their mate at a theater. Although she’s not happy, she’s trespassed into Gargoyle territory and is fair game. They take her home to show her they belong together, but discover they’ve brought her right into the path of danger. Someone is targeting the Gargoyle. They must gain her trust and love while they learn to trust her, as well, because they’ll need her help against some of the attacks coming at them. They’ll have to face the trouble coming for them in order to claim her love and begin their life together.

Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/capturing-their-flame

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Capturing Their Flame Book Tour #newrelease

The tour for Capturing Their Flame started yesterday. Be sure to visit the stops to learn more about the book and the characters!

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Insight into the gargoyle #excerpt #CapturingTheirFlame

Today, I'm sharing a little about the creation of the Gargoyle and their abilities, plus a hot excerpt.
Gargoyles have inspired me for a while. (Incidentally, I also am working on a straight fantasy gargoyle that's not related.) These gargoyles were inspired by by the architectural gargoyles, myths about them, and popular culture (everything from cartoons to movies.) This stories gargoyles don't hide out on buildings or actually turn to stone, although they can turn ... I'll get to that a little later.

Gargoyles live in clans. They are ruled by sets of leaders. Most often a set of three leaders. They are called to lead, but won't receive that call if they haven't met at least one of their bond partners. The leaders, the Cim, give the gargoyle clan stability and security and if needed they can calm their people or amp them up. The stability allows the territorial and aggressive gargoyle males to live in close proximity to each other without constant fighting and bloodshed.

Gargoyles skin does harden. Not turn to stone, but it will shield and help defend against blows in battle, especially when they're in gargoyle form. They're very strong and bulk up when they change into their winged form. Of course, they have wings and can fly, but in this modern world, find that a little more difficult. They can't do fly openly. Gargoyles are not out to the public and have to be careful about exposing themselves.

To get a little deeper into gargoyle abilities, the abilities of a gargoyle depend on the strength of the individual. The Cim and the betas are able to do more than the average gargoyle.

Most gargoyles can harden, slow down an opponent. The stronger gargoyles can do more than that. All gargoyles can create fire. (They also like it.) Those taught to be warriors are taught to channel it and they'll use it against their enemies: The Gobel and the Appari, as well as occasionally mages. It's the Appari that they have the most difficulty defeating, because the creature is more spirit than flesh. They can fight them and drive them off, but defeating them isn't easy.

So that's some of what a gargoyle can do. I'll share more with you as their story evolves.


Naomi used the space to finish unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled the tails from his pants and pushed the fabric wide and down his arms. She drew her fingers across the flat discs of his nipples. Without a thought, she leaned down and swiped her tongue over the hardened nub. He groaned. His hands moved to her shoulders, lifting her mouth away from his chest.

“You’re not even close to hot enough to handle what you’re courting. Get me too hot and you’ll have a wild Gargoyle on your hands.” He pushed the fabric of her dress wide and eased it down her arms. He had to pull her arms down before he could tug it completely off. “I don’t want this in the way of my mouth.”

Once she heard the word mouth, she relaxed and let him push the fabric down to her waist. Her bra came off next. The garment sailed across the room. She didn’t care where it landed.

“Lean back against Neil. He’ll hold you while I give these a little attention.” Isaac drew his fingers across the hardened tips, rubbing back and forth.
The teasing brush seared through her. Moisture gathered between her thighs. She rocked her hips wanting more than the pressure of his cock against her. She wanted something inside her, preferably the thick length of his cock.

She relaxed back against the hard body behind her. She looked up when hands settled on her shoulders. He stared down at his. His brown eyes burned with heat. Surprise bubbled through her. She’d thought he might join them. The idea of both men making love to her thrilled her, although she didn’t know how it would work. She remembered the sheer pleasure when they’d both touched her out on the beach.

Isaac leaned toward her. Hot breath feathered over her breasts. She gasped as his mouth hovered over on taut nipple. Moist air puffed across the tip, teasing her. She licked her lips. His lips brushed back and forth for a moment. Damn, he knew how to drive a woman insane. Finally, his mouth opened over the nipple.

Her pussy clenched as his tongue drug across the stiff peak. She pressed against the ridge of Isaac’s cock as a rush of juices slid from her.

“Someone likes that.” Neil’s voice rumbled against her back. “Her sweet scent of cream and nutmeg just increased.”

She blushed as the words hit her, but the embarrassment didn’t lessen her passion. She threaded her fingers into Isaac’s hair and tried to pull his mouth closer. She wanted him to suck, nibble, and nip. The excitement rose becoming more demanding with each moment.

“Oh yeah, baby, you were made for this, for us.” The rumble of Isaac’s voice against her breast sent a shiver down her back. “And it’s cinnamon.”

His lips closed over the peak. He sucked hard, drawing in flesh. She gasped. The pulling tug pulsed through her. She arched into him. His other hand covered her breast. His fingers tightened over the mound before beginning a slow massage of the flesh. Moans rolled from her. Her thighs tightened and she rubbed against him. The slow grinding pressure drew a low rumble from him.

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