Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sending off January with a recap

So I'll start off with the great news. I've signed a contract with Siren Publishing for Latent Desires! (WIP title the Bears)  It's a paranormal menage Whyrbear story. Below is a blurb I worked up for it.

Graphic artist Chloe Thomas has built a new life, but struggled to keep her latent mate status a secret. She discovers there’s a dark side to some shapechangers. Stalked by danger, she has to decide whether to run or stay and fight. She seeks advice from her friends, but meets three men who sweep in and take over her life.
Tony Landon, Logan Gentry, and Jason Malone have searched for their mate. Now, that they’ve found her, they want her happy, but with Logan in mating heat can’t move slowly. They’re determined to protect her, not only from the danger targeting her, but also that focused on all Whyr.
They try to give her the romance she craves, but danger threatens to destroy the new relationship. The three men must keep her safe and convince her of their love. She’ll have to overcome her doubts or risk losing what she now desires most in the world.

 As for my new years goals, plans, and intentions. Well, I'm working toward them.  I haven't been perfect, but that's all right. I have found more joy both in my writing and everyday life. I've made sure I had some downtime to refuel and recharge. It really did make a difference.

I'm making good progress on the paragargoyle WIP. I really like the heroes in this one. It's not just because they're good looking. Check out my inspiration for them here on the pinterest board for the WIP.  I'm still building it and will probably still be adding pins as I revise. As for the heroine, at some moments, I'm wondering if she's too much of a spoiled brat. I have to stop myself from going back and rereading. It's something I can fix when I'm revising if I decide she's just too much and needs to suck it up and act a little more like an adult.

Currently slowly revising Touch of the Moon. I'm devoting time after I finish writing for the day to it.  I'm giving serious consideration to the title as I do. I like the title, but I'm not sure if it's too long and if it will fit with book after I finish the revisions.

I've made some progress on the new Bliss story as well as my other WIP.

So that's  January in a nutshell. A pretty good month. Now, to focus on the first week of February.

Happy reading!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Guest Blog: Stealing Hope by Beverly Ovalle #characterbios, #excerpt

I'd like to welcome Beverly Ovalle to the Lair today. She's sharing an excerpt and character bios of her latest release Stealing Hope!

StealingHope Banner


TITLE – Stealing Hope SERIES – A Dragon’s Fated Heart #1 AUTHOR – Beverly Ovalle GENRE – Erotic Paranormal Romance LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 165 pages PUBLISHER – Ardent Books

Stealing Hope will be on sale for $.99 from January 22- 27!


Stealing Hope Cover
The apocalypse has come and gone.
Those who survived learned to adapt.
Dragons awaken to once again reign over the skies.
Upon eruption of a volcano, Ari awakens to a changed world, and a knowing that his dragon's mate is near. He saves her twice—once as a dragon, and again as a man—and wins her confidence.
Hope cried out, moaning, “just change me with pleasure?”
Hope is restless and unfulfilled until she meets Ari, the man of her fantasies. The sensual tension between them heightens with every touch. When their passion explodes, Hope gets pulled into the dragon's mating ritual...and into a world of erotic sensation she never dreamed existed but now cannot live without. The dragon binds his mate to him with a ritual that shows Hope her true nature in this humorous erotic romance.


Stealing Hope series eye


She heard Crag snickering somewhere behind her. She turned and splashed at him too. “I would have saved you. If you’d quit splashing and stand up, you’ll see you could stand.” Ari frowned suddenly. “Oh no. You can’t stand with your leg.” He started toward her and Hope pushed deeper into the water. “Leave me be.” She began treading water, deep enough that she didn’t have to put weight on her leg. Ignoring both of them, she sank under water to get her hair out of her face. When she popped out Hope screamed. Ari was right there, grinning at her. “What the heck?” “I was just making sure you were okay.” His eyes twinkling at her. No way was she falling for that, no matter how attractive it made him. “And I brought you the soap. How will you get clean without it?” “Fine. Give me the soap.” Ari held it back out of her reach. “No. You’ll drop it out here.” Hope growled at him. Yes, she sure did. Hope didn’t know quite how to take his teasing, if he was teasing. Ari laughed. “You can come in closer and I’ll help hold you while you wash or I can wash you here while you float.” Hope didn’t answer, but she swam in closer to shore. No way was she letting him run his hands all over her.


Ari: Male dragon, black scales tipped with blue and golden eyes. When he changes Ari has black hair, golden eyes and stocky muscular body that he doesn’t mind showing off. Outgoing with a wicked sense of humor, He has one thing on his mind, his mate. He’ll do anything to make her his, especially if it involves getting naked. He runs on the theory that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.
Hope: Human, for the moment. Fated mate to Ari. She can’t seem to resist him and doesn’t understand why. She is self-sufficient, providing her family with meat from hunting and trapping small game. She is fearless and has no problem rescuing herself. She loves to play though she hasn’t had a lot of that in her life as her family focuses on survival. Family is all important to her.


Beverly Ovalle dabbled with writing on and off for years when her best friend finally dared her to submit a story to a writing contest. Beverly decided she had nothing to lose and since she’d always wanted to be an author sent it in and agonized for months waiting to hear back. Contract in hand she has never looked back.
Beverly has been obsessed with dragons and romance since she was a young girl, collecting dragon books and reading everything she could find on them even down to the care of real life dragons. She’s always been slightly panicked that the world as we know it will end, so has prepped for it, haunting survivalist pages and prepper projects she felt she needed in the event SHTF.
An avid fan of all romance, Beverly’s goal is to share her love of the written word and write the hot and erotic romances that she enjoys. She writes what she loves to read and it was only a matter of time before her obsessions crept into her writing for her to share. She hopes you enjoy her tales as much as she loves writing them.
A Navy Veteran, Beverly has traveled around the world and the United States enabling her to bring her settings to life, meeting and marrying her husband of twenty five years along the way for her own romance. Reading romances since the fourth grade she’s followed as the genre changed and spread into the vast cornucopia of romance offered today.



eCopy of Stealing Hope: A Dragon's Fated Heart

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Thank you for stopping by Beverly! Happy Reading!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Time for a change

I've been thinking about a post like this for a while.  I didn't know if it was necessary and thus the internal debate. I decided since I was making the change I might as well post it. I alluded to the changes I was making in my life with my New Year's post.  A new beginning and an end

I'm not doing anything radical like changing genres. I like what I write and find satisfaction doing it. So erotic romance, shifters, fantasy, sci-fi, menage, and everything else is staying.

The first thing I've changed is my website. If you went by in the last few hours you'd have noticed that it's changed. Not in appearance, but in what's there. There are only two books on my website at this moment.  I had my webmistress remove my EC books.

(The following information is my experience and my opinions. I'm not making a statement on the whole situation--other than it raised my stress level for over a year and it's time for me to stop letting it do that. I wrote angry for about a year. It's time to reclaim my joy and my passion.)

I sold EC my first book. That absolutely thrilled me. They have 22 of my books and 2 short stories in anthologies. I'm grateful for the start they gave me. It was a huge boost in confidence to have sold to EC and getting my stories into readers hands was great! Another positive, I had great editors there and met some awesome authors.

I'm not going to go into a huge rant about the company, because I really don't want to focus on them. Plus my experience is only as an author. There are a few reasons why I stopped submitting to them that I'm not going into, because most of them have been said about 1400 times on twitter at the #notchilled.  For the past year, I've remained quiet and tried to focus on getting on with my life. The main reason I'm making this statement is I reached my limit.

I received Mar-Jun payment for last year's royalties in January.  Although the payments have been inconsistent for a while, this was just the last straw after a pretty stressful year. I'm not sitting silent any longer.

I have only one more thing to say about the EC situation and my books there.

Please don't buy my EC books.

So back to what I'm doing. I'm diversifying. I had too many eggs in one basket and that bottom is gone now. That's my fault for not putting more books elsewhere earlier. That can be rectified though. I'm working on new books and have three written. One is out for submission, another is in revision.

I'm slowly reclaiming the rights to the books that I'll be able to get back. Three books reverted a day ago and eleven more will revert later this month.  The books will be rewritten, revised, and republished either in self pub or if I can find a home for some of them, a publishing house. At least one of them is going to be completely rewritten.

On a personal note, I feel a little freer and more relaxed even though there's so much to be done and in some cases I don't know which direction I'll take with the books.

So I've got a lot of work to do. (The thought of it is a little overwhelming when I look at all of it together. I'm trying to remember-- one piece at a time, one step at a time.)

This is a new beginning for me and I hope you'll come along with me on the journey. 2016 will be a good year.

If you'd like to buy one of my books, Tangled Bliss is my first self pub and Claimed by Three is out with Loose Id.

Happy reading!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Looking forward to 2016 and focusing on joy

In the last few days, I've given some thought to the last year and what I want from the year ahead. It's had it's ups and downs. In a way, 2016 will be a new start for me. I'm looking forward to it, but it's also a little scary. It's a challenge I welcome though. So I'm hoping that writing my goals down and putting them out there on the internet will help encourage me to keep to them.

2016 already looks promising. I have three books written, one almost ready to be submitted.  Another book is halfway written. Two more plotted out and started.  So work is on its way for the year and I'm excited about what I'm writing.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but at times, I've had trouble with that this last year. A lot of things contributed to it and I'm not going into that because it's a complicated mess. I wasn't happy with much of anything and that included writing. Finding writing a chore is something I want to change in the coming year. 

I did NANO in November and during that time I found the fun in writing again in spite of the rush to get those words. I know there will be times--that dreadful middle part of the first draft for example-- where I'll have a down time, but overall, I want to focus on finding joy in writing again.

The goals some of them are going to be writing focused, but some of it is going to be emotional and physical. If I'm going to be happy in my writing, I also need to be happy in my life.


  1. Be Healthy
  2. Exercise a little more
  3. Be Happy --I'm going to focus on finding things that bring me happiness even if it's only a smile or a moment of laughter. Part of that will have to include letting go of the anger.
  4. Find joy in writing.
  5. Finish book one of the new paranormal menage
  6. Finish Fiery Bliss. (Title will probably change because that title doesn't quite suit.
  7. Finish PsyVamp Menage (which I can't remember the working title at the moment.)
  8. Keep up with pinterest boards
  9. Submit Latent Desires (The Bears).
  10. Revise Touch of the Moon
  11. Revise Love's Bounty
  12. Be more active on Social Media
Some of these are kind of general, but I know what I have in mind.  I hope to get more done than is on this list, because in the scope of a year, it's not all that much. So perhaps if I get through this list, I'll come back later in the year and add to it.

To help get organized. I've started working on a schedule to write. Prioritizing each day what I want to get done and what's important.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2016? Please share them.

I hope the new year brings you success, happiness, health, and creativity!

Happy Reading!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day! We had our Christmas celebration earlier in the month. I had a great time with the family. We played games, talked, ate too much, and had fun!  Today, we'll be celebrating my Dad's birthday.

There will be some writing done later in the day, but also movies and simply enjoying the day.

If you're traveling, please have a safe journey. Have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Reading!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Guest Post: A taste of Dragon's Honor by Michaela Kendrick #excerpt #guestpost

Please welcome Michaela Kendrick to the blog today. She's sharing an excellent excerpt of Dragon's Honor!


The Warlord...

From high society banquets in the ice covered skyscrapers of New Arizona, to the most far-flung outposts at the edge of human-occupied space, everyone has heard of Ymir. The Alliance's reach is wide, and its soldiers are well trained, but there are always despots powerful enough to assert themselves, and Ymir has been one of the most notable failures of human history: a whole planet given over to a man known only as the Warlord.

The soldier…

Cade Williams was once a Dragon—the most elite fighting unit in known space. Precise, brutal, and unstoppable, they were a last resort in the lawless wastes of space colonization. But there was a price: in one horrific mission, Cade’s unit took down not only a slave trader, but an entire intergalactic carrier. Cade left and never looked back. Haunted by his past, he’s vowed never again to kill, never again to fight, and, filling jobs from dock worker to bartender, he’s managed to keep that vow. But Cade’s life is about to be turned upside down. Because when at last he runs out of options, his old friend Talon Rift appears out of nowhere. Talon, the man who ordered him to take down the carrier. Talon, who wants him to get back in the game. And when Cade won’t, Talon has a job opportunity he seems to know Cade can’t afford to pass up. Protect a woman. An innocent. Remarkably little chance of anything going wrong. And a man needs to eat.

And the trophy wife…

There are two problems: first, that Cade hates Aryn the moment he lays eyes on her; second, that he wants her like he’s never wanted anyone before in his life. Or make that three problems: Aryn’s fiancĂ© is a weapons trafficker with a well-deserved reputation for being ruthless, and Aryn is about to get caught up in one of his schemes - one that will bring her back to the place she only just escaped...the mines of Ymir.

Where to buy:
Dragon’s Honor will be free to read in Kindle Unlimited:

To discover more about the characters within Dragon's Honor, stop by the pinterest board:


“Cade Williams?”
The words came through the haze of smoke and drunkenness like a hallucination. Cade knew that voice. He was never, ever going to be able to forget that voice, and it had to be a hallucination because there was no way in hell the owner of that voice had chased him across three systems only to walk into a dive bar on the lower streets of New Arizona. So he went back to his drink.
He picked up the glass and stared at it. It was a scotch he’d been nursing for about three hours now, and not just because “scotch” seemed to be a loose term for colored grain alcohol. When he finished his drink, he had nowhere to go. And in the ever-drifting snow of New Arizona—he’d never figured out if the name was born of ignorance or irony—he needed to stay indoors as long as possible. The cold was fierce, and whatever acid was in the water on this planet, it would burn his skin raw in less than a night.
And if he didn’t get ten thousand credits to Osiris within a week, he was a dead man. But one thing at a time. Cade shook his head and let the moment slide away from him, a tiny drift into memory and nothing more.
“Williams,” the voice said again.
That was definitely not a hallucination. Cade’s eyes traveled along the arm that had come down on one side of him. Callused fingertips, last joint of the right index finger missing, the hint of a tattoo poking out from under a blue cuff. The arm underneath the suit jacket was well muscled, leading to broad shoulders and a clean-shaven jaw, and with a sinking feeling of dread, Cade looked up at one of his worst nightmares.
“Lieutenant Rift.”
“Actually, it’s Major now.” Talon’s face was expressionless, as it almost always was. He watched as Cade’s eyes traveled over the understated suit, across the planes of the handsome face. At last, sensing the question Cade would never ask, he flipped over the hand on his resting arm. There, glimmering in the faint light, were blood-red cufflinks.
A Dragon always wore red.
Talon absorbed Cade’s bitter smile in silence.
“You look surprisingly well.” Cade looked down into his scotch and considered drinking the rest in one gulp. The pours in this bar were generous, and with the alcohol being of dubious provenance, a gulp might well kill him. Right now, that wasn’t seeming so bad. It was all coming back to him—without warning, as it always did. He’d known the moment he heard the voice that this was going to be a bad night, even worse than he’d thought—and he’d already thought it would be pretty bad. There was screaming at the corner of his mind, the flashing of the lights in the bar taking on a reddish hue, the emergency exit sign too clear a reminder.
He closed his eyes, clenching his jaw until he thought his teeth would give way. He had to keep breathing, or the memories would take him, and the world would devolve into the chaotic mess he so feared, every face reminding him of the pods, the children pounding on the glass—
He was going to be sick. His stomach heaved.
“Should I go?”
“No.” Cade’s answer surprised even him. He opened his eyes and looked down into his drink again. He could force the world back into its neat shapes if he tried hard enough. In the vacuum of space, in the long silences of a courier’s job, he’d learned to face his fear and press it away.
He could face this, too.
“Okay.” Talon sat, pulled reflexively at both cuffs, and looked over at the bartender. “What won’t kill me here?”
“Don’t try the scotch.”


Raised on the Dragon Riders of Pern, Star Wars, Star Trek, and a whole bunch of historical romances, Michaela grew up adoring the adventure of Science Fiction and the passion of a good love story. Filled with double crossing, grand romantic gestures, sarcasm, and plenty of heat, Michaela's books are just the sort of thing she wants to read herself!

Where to find me:

Right now, I’m only on facebook:
Mailing list:
And people can feel free to email me at

 Thank you so much for stopping by Michaela! I loved having you stop by the Lair!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Guest Post: A sensual taste of Alexandra Christian's Huntress #excerpt #guestblog

I'd like to welcome Alexandra Christian to the blog today! She's stopped by to share a tantalizing from her latest--Huntress.

Book: Huntress
Author: Alexandra Christian
Publisher:  Little Red Hen Romance:

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale prince.       
Thalia is the Huntress, a dragonslayer from a barbarian tribe. But her dreams are haunted by her prince, a dark shadow who whispers delectable taunts in her ears and smells of crushed roses and ash. When she is captured and sacrificed as a symbolic “bride” to the most fearsome dragon she has ever seen, she wants only to escape into the endless dream of death where she and her dark prince can be together forever.
But princes aren’t always what they seem. And neither are dragons.


In a graceful movement, he dropped to one knee, taking her hand and pulling her close.  The heat from his body was intense, and steam rose from his skin in thin plumes of ether.  “Never fear me, Thalia.  I am forever your servant.”  His kiss, finally fulfilled, was searing.  He tasted of ash and flame.  It was a flavor which she knew she would savor well after the dream was done.  It permeated her senses and filled her with more of that lust with which she had become so familiar.  Before she knew it, she was opening her mouth, inviting him inside.  He eagerly accepted with gentle swipes of his tongue against her lips and teeth.  He took her breath away, and though she gasped, she would not break.  Thalia wanted more of him. She breathed him in, taking his heat into herself.  His arms enveloped her, the folds of his robe cloaking her in darkness and hiding them from the world. 
“Dark prince,” she said.  It wasn’t a question.  She reached out for him and felt his hand close over hers then bring it to his lips.  He kissed gently at the delicate bones.  “Tell me your name,” she whispered, watching the shape of his mouth as his lips lingered on the slope of her wrist. 
“Names are unimportant,” he replied, drawing her into his embrace.  “You may call me Your Own. Prince, lover or savior.  It does not matter.”  She felt his arms slide around her waist, pulling her further into his darkness.  His smell filled her, making it hard to breathe.  Musk and ash, burning sandalwood—all of those scents that when she caught a whiff of them in her waking world made her blood race and her sex tingle.  “In your language, my name would mean nothing.  It would be repugnant to your ears.”
Thalia said, nuzzling into his neck and kissing at the bit of exposed flesh, “All that you are, whatever you are—I am forever yours.” 
He pulled away, threading his fingers into her hair and brushing it back from her brow.  She wanted to touch him, but her arms were so heavy.  She was like a carnival puppet in his arms, only moving as he wished.  “I would almost believe you, little thing.”  His hold was strong as he lay her down on the grass.  “But you and I are only meant for dreaming.”
“I know that you’re real.”
“I am an illusion, Thalia.  I have been selfish to let you dwell so long in this darkness.  This dreamworld that can never be.”  He knelt beside her.  “It is time for you to find your own path.”
Thalia panicked.  “What are you saying?” she gasped, sitting up.  “You can’t leave me!”  She tried to reach out and take his arm, but he stopped her. 
“Every time we meet it gets harder to let you go.  I fear that you will follow me too far and not be able to find your way back.”
“I don’t care,” Thalia whispered. “I want to be wherever you are.”
“You don’t mean that!” he hissed, savagely pulling her body against his. He crushed his mouth against hers, holding her tightly so that she could not touch him.  He held her so tightly she could feel the blood rushing to the site of the pressure.  The hand that held her arm was thrust into the light, and she could see that it was strange, more of a talon that grasped her, its long nails and scaly flesh burning her flesh beneath its grip. She opened her mouth, offering herself freely to his invasion.  Slowly his tongue slid along hers, tasting her, tasting him.
  Gathering the curls at the base of her skull in his fist, he pulled her head backward, drawing a moan from her lips.  He blazed a trail of kisses down her jugular vein, then nibbled gently as if her skin were the most delicious of delicacies.  His fingertips trilled lightly across her collarbone.  The path worn by his fingers was still warm as he continued lower.  He’d never been so bold before and though it was frightening, Thalia craved his touch.  He paused, looking up at her, his eyes beseeching.  “No…” he snarled. “I cannot let this be!”


AUTHOR BIO (No more than 250 words):
Alexandra Christian is an author of paranormal romance, dark fantasy and horror. A self-proclaimed “Southern Belle from Hell,” Lexxx is a native South Carolinian who lives with a ghost hunter and an epileptic wiener dog. She has published several novels, novellas and short stories various publishers including Mocha Memoirs Press, Purple Sword Publications, Seventh Star Press, and Ellora’s Cave. She also wears an editor’s hat as A.C. Thompson.  Recently, she’s been conquering the self-publishing world as one half of Little Red Hen Romance.  Lexxx’s long-term aspirations are to one day be a best-selling authoress and part-time pinup girl. Questions, comments and complaints are most welcome at her website:


 Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the excerpt from Huntress, Alexandra! I enjoyed having you as a guest at the Lair!